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Hajj rituals


1- Ihram

            Ihram is to change into the state of a pilgrim either spiritually or physically. To be spiritually a pilgrim, a Muslim focuses on the Hajj rituals. To be physically a pilgrim, a male Muslim wears unsewn clothes.

2- Tawaf al-Qudoom

             Traditionally, a Muslim greets a mosque by offering two rakat. However, the greeting of al-

Kaba is done by doing Tawaf. Tawaf al-Qudom is to walk around al Kaaba seven times.

3- Sa’ee between al-Safa and al-Marwa

             Sa’ee between al-Safa and al-Marwa is to walk and jog between the hillocks of al-Safa and al-Marwa seven times.

4- Spending the night at Mina.

           A Muslim is recommended to spend the night of the ninth of Dhul-Hajj at Mina before heading to Arafat the following day.

5- Being at Arafah.

            Being at Arafah on the ninth of Dhul-Hajj is the most important pillar of Hajj, without which there is no Hajj.

6- Spending the night at Muzdalifah.

            A Muslim is recommended to spend the night of the tenth of Dhul-Hajj at Muzdalifa to rest and collect the jamarat.

7- Pelting Jamarat al-Aqabah.

              On the tenth of Dhul-Hajj, pilgrims pelt small stones into a symbolic column or stone post representing Satan.

8- Slaughtering the sacrifice.

            Pilgrims who are Mutamati’ or Mugrin slaughter their sacrifices of cattles taking prophet Ibrahim as their role model.

9- Head shave or cut the hair short.

            Male pilgrims shave their heads or cut their hair short in order to end the state of Ihram after concluding the rituals of pilgrimage.

10- Tawaf al-Ifadah.

            Having concluded their pilgrimage, pilgrims greet al-Kaba on that occasion by doing Tawaf al-Ifadah.

11- Pelting the three Jamarat.

           Having ended the state of Ihram, pilgrims return to Mina to spend two or three more days during which they go on pelting the three Jamarat.

12- Tawaf al-Wada’ (Departure Tawaf).

              Now that they have decided to return home, pilgrims give a final greeting to the House of Allah by performing the Departure Tawaf.

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