A miracle from Allah...Learn Quran online

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A miracle from Allah…Learn Quran online

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Learn Quran online

The Noble Quran is an eternal miracle from Allah until Allah wills…learn Quran online

so The Quran is a Muslim’s guide to Allah 

bay in the Quran, the Muslim will live

so It is obligatory for a Muslim to treat people with the Quran

with the Quran the Muslim , he performs his conduct 

on the Day of Resurrection, the Quran will save the Muslim 

The Quran is all good, for it is the word of Allah

learn Quran online

Santiago Abdullah Salah

Santiago Abdullah Salah Born  in 1983

in Bogota, the capital of Colombia

 Salah grand parents were Muslim Palestinians, 

but his parents converted the benefits of honey for men how bee products 2 to Catholicism.

for Santiago grew up as a Catholic,

so Salah interested in reading philosophy.

learn Quran online

The Quran protects Muslims… learn Quran online

without knowing how to practise Islam.

but Salah got interested in the Quran,

 His parents were lawyers, but he was interested in philosophy.

  after that Salah travelled to Egypt, visiting ancient Cairo and asked a lot about mosques.

 Salah assured a tour guide that he was a Muslim

so he gave his shahada in Cairo. 

so Santiago Abdullah Salah converted to Islam in 2003

His parents didn’t mind his being a Muslim

But Later his father regretted ever taking him to Egypt.

His friends didn’t accept his reversion to Islam

So The Muslim community in Colombia helped him. 

 Salah married a Muslim woman in England.

Because He liked Malasia a lot.

So Santiago went to Malaysia to live with Muslims there. 

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Santiago studies… learn Quran online

Santiago was in Malaysia, the international Islamic university.

 Salah went to Egypt to study Arabic and Islam at al-Azhar University.

 Salah went to Turkey to do his postgraduate studies. “Allah speaks to humanity in the Holy Quran“. 

He is interested in the prophet’s biography.

Got a Bachelor’s degree in Shri’a, al-Azhar university

and a Master’s degree in philosophy from the National Colombia University.

Currently, he is preparing for the PHD in the Ibn Khaldun University in Istanbul.

learn Quran online

Author: aburuqayyah
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