About Us

About Us

About “Eaalim Institute

Eaalim Institute was founded in Egypt (in 2012)

Eaalim Institute provides online courses to non-native Arabic speakers all over the world, through availing experienced native Arabic speakers instructors.

a wide-spread usage of the Arabic language and culture all over the world.

Helping people to learn in easy and fun ways.

Is to teach Quran, Islamic studies and Arabic in greater prices, greater quality and short time.

  • You will feel as if you are in a real class and not virtual.
  • A lot of intensive exercises .
  • We are available 24/7 so you can Pick the most suitable time for you .
  • Various courses
  • Our teaching strategies aims to make benefits from the latest methodologies and educational approaches in teaching foreign languages that based on communicative method. This communicative method is interested in developing speaking and listening skills through performing team discussions around the subject in which the student learn.
  • Interactive learning that based on interactions between the students with each other and also with their teacher when the discussion is performed about one of the subjects that have been studied before.
  • Self learning that based on student’s homework and through participating in the class by asking questions to his teacher and telling his suggestions.
  • Using contrastive methodology that discusses the most important differences and similarities between student’s language and Arabic language.
  • Mistakes correction approach that depends on teacher’s observation for learner’s mistakes, identifying these mistakes, correcting them, and helping them how to use language well.
  • “Eaalim Institute” depends on selecting its teachers on two key elements which are efficiency and experience.
  • Efficiency means that all ” Eaalim Instituteteachers are specialists in Arabic language and Islamic Studies either in Al-Azhar University or Arabic language and Islamic Studies colleges in different Egyptian universities.
  • Efficiency is also that our teachers are well educationally prepared in specialized institutes to be qualified well as an Arabic language teacher for the foreigners. These teachers also have general diploma and special diploma in this field. Additionally, Some of them have registered for master’s study in the same field.
  • Efficiency is that teachers of Arabic language in our center have a good knowledge of English language; the thing that helps them in understanding their students and solving problems that face them during studying. It is the time to depend in those teachers in teaching Arabic language.
  • Experience is available in all of center’s teachers. It is essential requirement for approving candidates in ” Eaalim Institute Center. Our teachers are native speakers who worked in teaching Arabic language in Egypt at classes or online. They have worked in that field with different African, Asian, European and American nationalities, too. This makes them to be trusted in creating an interesting and useful atmosphere and during the class.
  • ” Eaalim Institute ” Center targets students from all nationalities, religions and ages, so “Eaalim Institute ”  students include:
  • Students with different goals, some of them study Arabic for religious reasons – Muslims in various countries of the world, some of them study it for working at one of Arab countries, some of them study it in order get a job in one of the governmental authorities of his country after the end of the study, and some of them learn the media language to understand the Arabic news and all of these objectives are taken into account by various programs of ” Eaalim Institute “.
  • Our students are of different ages. We have programs for teaching Muslim children in an exciting way in which we enables them through studying a little part of Arabic via learning ama part.
  • In learning process we follow two key methodologies which are the most famous in that field:
  • ” Eaalim Institute” is one of the most famous books to teach Arabic language for foreigners. It is very suitable for Muslim students who desire in studying Arabic in order to understand Islamic culture to be able to study Islam and Fiqh after that when their level in Arabic language becomes stronger.
  • “Main Book” is also of the most famous books in teaching Arabic language for the non-native speakers. It is one of the books that a lot of Muslims and also non-Muslims learners of Arabic language desire to study it, especially that it is interested more in teaching contemporary Arabic language associated with Arabic culture. It is interested in talking about the nature of life in the Arab world and the nature of people and strategies in it…etc.
  • Egyptian colloquial: We can provide this type through lectures that are provided in our center and student can get it after the end of study if he wants so.
  • For special programs such as Arabic language used in media , tourism and work, we rely on making benefits from what have prepared in these programs such as subjects and word glossaries. We help our teachers in developing these programs and producing what is new in order to avoid stereotypes and repetition of topics.
  • For Islamic studies, Tajweed, memorizing Quran, Fiqh, and Sira – we are looking forward to the following:


  1. Memorizing Quran: the Holy Book
  2. Tajweed: “Tayseer El Rhman” book is one of the easy books to be understood by students. It is arranged in an easy and clear way.
  3. Fiqh: Manhaj Al Salekeen and clarifying Fiqh of Islam by Sheikh Saadi.
  4. Sira: “Biography of the Prophet” book by Ibn Hisham

It is one of modern educational strategies that will achieve useful aims in both educational and training level. These games are aimed to provide the educational content in different way that excites learner’s attention, increases his motivation, and activates his brain by provoking different intellectual aspects other than these that are provoked in the traditional education process.