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Ahmed Deedat

Who was Ahmad Deedat ?

Ahmad Deedat was a South African Indian. He was a self educated Muslim scholar interested in Islam and Christianity. He always drew comparisons between the Holy Quran and the Bible. ahmed deedat advocated the idea of monotheism. deedat nullified the claim that Allah has a son, a wife or a partner. He was a strong believer in Islam. However, he was ready to engage in debates in which he supported Islam. Ahmad Deedat wrote many famous books discussing his ideas in them

Early years and childhood

       Ahmad Deedat was born on the first of July, 1918. He was born in Bombay, India. While Deedat was a little child, his father migrated to South Africa. So when Deedat was nine years old, he joined his father and lived with him in South Africa. This was because Deedat’s mother died in India at that time.

It was a really hard life:

          Deedat’s early life was not easy at all. He lived a poor life with his father in South Africa. Deedat couldn’t complete his studies because of poverty. Deedat left school when he was sixteen years old.

Deedat starts the journey of knowledge:

      When he was eighteen years old, Deedat met a Christian clergyman who spoke badly about Islam, the Holy Quran and prophet Mohammad. This urged Deedat to read and learn more about Islam, his own religion. This way, Deedat’s knowledge journey started. Deedat read a book (Izharul Haqq), Truth Revealed. This book greatly influenced Deedat’s mind and way of thinking. Deedat bought a Bible later.  Having bought a Bible, Deedat began to compare Islam and Christianity. Having gained sufficient knowledge, Deedat was then ready to debate with Christian juniors and adults. Deedat also attended lectures of Mr. Fairfax. Fairfax was a South African who embraced Islam. Fairfax was interested in persuading South Africans to embrace     Islam.

Deedat public life

Deedat went on the way Fairfax started. He gave lectures for three years. This way, Deedat began his Dawah mission. His first lecture was entitled: “Mohammad, Messenger of peace.” He gave Juma’ khutbas and spoke to people about Islam everywhere.

Deedat in parkistan

  Deedat and his family lived in Pakistan from 1949 till 1952. Deedat always supported the idea of one Muslim state. Along with two close friends, Deedat established an Islamic Dawa center. They aimed to publish books on Islam. They also aimed to help the new converts to Islam.

deetat and the Muslim world :

        Deedat began to be known all over the Muslim world when he won the “King Faisal Prize” in 1986. He won the prize for the services he rendered to Islam. During the 1980s, Deedat gave countless speeches on Islam. He visited a lot of countries. Deedat wrote many books and promoted a translation of the Holy Quran. His most famous book is entitled: “The Choice”. Of course, many people agreed with Deedat. Alos, many people disagreed with some of his viewpoints.

Deedat last days & Deeth

     When he was seventy eight and in 1996, Deedat had a stroke which made him unable to move. He remained difficult to move. He couldn’t speak either.  His agony continued till his death in 2005.

The Eaalim

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