Al-Kaba rebuilt

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In their online classes, students learn that Al-Kaba is the sacred house of Allah. Al-Kaba was first built by Adam, the first human and the father of all humans. Al-Kaba is a cubic building. It is situated in the lowest place of the Makkah rocky valley. The place is barren. However, sometimes destructive torrents hit Makkah. In one of these torrents, and five years before the first revelation, the Kaba was completely destroyed. Quraish had to rebuild al- Kaba.

Al-Kaba rebuilt

The Quraish efforts in rebuilding al-Kaba:

The Islamic studies courses for kids and adults teach the kid and adult students that Quraish knew very well the value of al-Kaba. Although Quraish were pagans who worshiped stone idols, they never thought of worshiping Al-Kaba itself. However, they respected the building very much. The best Quran and Islamic studies online tutors teach their kid and adult students that the Arabs all over Arabia respected the Quraish as the custodians of al-Kaba. Annually, the Arabs performed pilgrimage to al-Kaba in Makkah; maybe some remote echoes of the monotheistic religion of their forefather Ibrahim. So when the fragile primitive building of al-Kaba collapsed, the Quraish did their best to rebuild it. They got the wood needed for the building process from a Roman sunken ship in the Red Sea in the vicinity of the sea port of Jeddah. A Roman mason who happened to be traveling on that ship helped the Quraish with rebuilding al-Kaba.

The measurements of al-Kaba at that time:

During the Quran and Islamic studies courses, kids and adults learn that Al-Kaba was as high as an average man’s height. Meanwhile, a woman was burning scent to exorcize the building when it caught fire. This completely destroyed the sacred building. Having provided the wood, the mason and the working hands, Quraish began to rebuild al-Kaba. The building process went on till they were about to put the black stone in its place. Putting the black stone in place was a great honor and privilege which everyone wanted to attain.

Setting matters right:

A wise chief of Quraish suggested a good solution to that critical situation. He suggested that the first person to get into the mosque through al-Salam Gate would be their umpire and judge. The disputing parties agreed. It happened that prophet Mohammad was the man who entered the mosque through the al-Salam gate. At once, they accepted prophet Mohammad as their umpire. In their Islamic studies and Quran courses, kids and adults learn that Prophet Mohammad suggested putting the Black Stone on a piece of clothes, a cloak, and representatives of each clan would participate in lifting the Black Stone to the required height. Then, prophet Mohammad himself would put the Stone in place. This way, prophet Mouhammad managed to quench the dispute and gained much credit among his people. Prophet Mohammad was then about thirty-five years old. This means that the rebuilding of al-Kaba happened only five years before the first revelation. Maybe, it was the same year when the prophet’s youngest daughter, Fatima, was born.

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