At Muzdalifah

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The Eaalim al-Hajj book series book five discusses what pilgrims do at Muzdalifah and Mina. Around three million pilgrims get together at Arafat every year. Of course, this great number of Muslims go to pilgrimage with the intention and objective of worshiping Allah. They aspire and hope for the mercy and forgiveness of their Generous Lord. The scene of such big numbers dressed in white cloth reminds everyone of the Day of Judgment. The view is all piety, peace and asceticism. As soon as the sun sets on the ninth of DhulHijjah, pilgrims travel to the pain of Muzdalifa. It is midway between Arafat and Mina.

At Muzdalifah

The acts of pilgrimage at Muzdalifah:

Pilgrims flock to the place of Muzdalifah. They arrive in succession. When pilgrims arrive at Muzdalifah, they form small groups and pray al-Maghrib and al-Isha in succession, without time intervals. They offer three rakat for al-Maghrib and only two rakat for al-Isha. This is called Jama’an and Qasra’an. Pilgrims spend the rest of the night at Muzdalifah. The pilgrims are not expected to do much worship at Muzdalifah. They just rest, have their dinner and collect small stones. These small stones are called al-Jamarat. Each pilgrim collects seventy small stones to throw at Mina the following day. 

The pilgrims begin to move to Mina:

When they have spent the night at Muzdalifah, pilgrims offer the Fajr prayer at Muzdalifah too. After that, pilgrims begin to move to Mina to throw the three Jamarat. The pilgrims arrive at Mina to do the stoneage of the three stone posts there. These three stone posts represent Satan. This way, pilgrims show their absolute obedience to Allah. They express their absolute disobedience to the devil. They commemorate prophet Ibrahim who had done so with the devil who tried to make Ibrahim disobey Allah by refraining from offering his son Ismail in sacrifice.

At Muzdalifah

Obeying Allah and disobeying the devil:

 Ibrahim chose to obey Allah by obeying the divine command to slaughter his only son Ismail. However, the story goes as follows: Allah had mercy on Ibrahim and ismail. After surrendering to the will of Allah, Allah sent Ibrahim two rams to be slaughtered instead of ismail. This way, Ibrahim attained the good of this world and the hereafter. Satan attained the wrath, damn and anger of Allah in this world and in the hereafter.It is worthy mentioning that the three stone posts are in the same places where Satan appeared to Abraham.

Muslims, the followers of Mohammad and Ibrahim:

Thedevil appeared to Ibrahim in that barren and arid place at Mina trying to tempt the aging man into disobeying Allah. That is why the strong believer, Ibrahim, rejected the devil. Each post or Jamara is a few hundred meters away from one another. The whole scene reminds pilgrims of the story of Ibrahim and the satan. The rituals of al-hajj pilgrimage state clearly that Muslims are the descendants of Ibrahim. Moreover, Muslims, like Ibrahim, reject the insinuations of Satan. Rather, Muslims follow the commands and the pleasure of their Gracious Lord, Allah.

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