⦁ Do you want to be a more pious Muslim?
⦁ Do you want to taste the sweetness of mentioning Allah?
⦁ Do you want to taste the sweetness of your faith?
⦁ Do you want to feel the goodness of being a Muslim who is near to their Lord?
⦁ Do you long for the company of your Merciful Benevolent Lord?
⦁ Do you want to accustom your tongue witha Azkaar Islamic idioms and expressions?
⦁ Do you have any Arab and Muslim friend in university or at work with whom you want to have a positive common interest?
⦁ Do you want to be an Islamic orator or a preacher advocating Islam?
⦁ If you have any of the interests mentioned above, we can definitely help you achieve it through this tailor made special course.
⦁ If you want to know what to say in each everyday situation that you experience, this is the most appropriate course for you.
⦁ With this course, you will end up knowing and saying the Azkaar fluently and smoothly as it is a “one-one” course.


Complete at least ten levels of a general Arabic course.
Pass the assessment test.


Sessions depend on your free time.
⦁ Trial sessions before joining the course.
⦁ Great tuition prices, Greater quality.
⦁ All our teachers and instructors are native speakers of Arabic and graduates of al-Azhar university.
⦁The teacher will take oral exams within the course to check the progress of the students.

⦁ Certain thematic and specialized videos in Arabic and English focusing on Azkaar will be recommended to the students.
⦁ Modern approaches will be used to develop your learning of Azkaar, i.e. interactive websites, games…etc.
⦁ All lectures will be based on “one-one” sessions, however, we might arrange some group meetings with all the students to facilitate broader learning and knowledge of Azkaar and to let everybody share their experience in learning Azkaar. This will be for the good of the students and will be based on the preference of both the student as well as the teacher or the instructor.
Books used will be mainly focussing on learning the suitable Azkaar for a certain situation.
⦁ The course will be customized based on why you are learning Azkaar. If you want to learn it for everyday life situations, for instance, we will take care of that and the course will be focusing on your daily needs.


Practise Azkaar in a confident, pious way.
Also Use Azkaar more appropriately.
Get expressions that will facilitate your mentioning of Allah.
Also Use Azkaar in all the situations you experience in a very efficient way.
Sense that you are closer to your Lord.
Also Master pracising and saying Azkaar.
Increase your account of good deeds.

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