Business course

About this course

If you want to do business, deal with Arabic companies in the middle east, or manage one of the companies there, then this is the night course for you.


After this course, your kid will be able to:

– Interact in a better way in your workplace.
– Use business materials that will help you deal with the Arabic people.
– Deal in Arabic during your travels to Arabic countries whether with other passengers or with the travel employees.
– Deal with people or employees in restaurants, universities, or hospitals in Arabic countries by standard Arabic.
–  Speak fluently in Arabic about yourself, your profession, your country, your social life, your cultural life, and the most important deals you have done or you would like to do in the country you are in.
–  Speak fluently in Arabic about the products you have in your country and want to export them to an Arabic country or products you want to import from an Arabic country.
–  Know the value of some currencies and how to exchange them in banks and Exchange offices.
–  Deal with all the salespeople whether in clothes stores, presents stores, bags stores, restaurants, …etc.
– Deal with all kinds of transportations, whether you are renting a private car, taking a subway, taxi, bus, or a train.
Read newspapers and understand them correctly. Watch Arabic Television Channels to know the latest news.
– Know Arabic etiquette while dealing with all the classes of people.
– Know Arabic cultures, habits, and customs to be conscious of who you are dealing with.
– Deal with vital organization as (police stations, courts, universities, hospitals,…etc.).

Before this course, you will need to:

– Pass the assessment exam.
– Complete 5 levels of general Arabic.

  • Ground Rules:

* Our instructors are able to spot individual differences between students and accordingly they can select a suitable curriculum to each student.
* One of our approaches is a continuous recap on what has been taught which will not leave a chance to the students to forget what they have learnt.
* Sessions depend on your free time
* Trial session before joining.
* Great tuition prices, Greater quality.
* All our instructors are native Arabic speakers who completed The Educational General Diploma for teaching Arabic for non-native speakers.
* Oral quizzes will be done within the course to check the progress of the students.
* Our instructors have the ability to make all the information simple through videos and pictures. This will make learning with us as simple as possible and will make it attractable to students.
* Our instructors have the required experience to solve student-related issues while learning.
* Modern Approaches will be used to develop your Arabic learning, i.e. interactive websites, games…etc.
* All lectures will be based on “one on one” sessions, however, we might arrange some group meetings with all the students to facilitate broader conversations and to let everybody share his/her experience in learning Arabic. This will be for the good of the students and will be based on the preference of you and your instructor.
* Books that will be used will be mainly focusing on Arabic skills.
* The course will be customized based on why you are learning Arabic.