Hawa Abdirahman

Certificate Description

Greetings sister "Hawa" You have achieved the necessary needs to accomplish reciting from An-Naba to Surah Al-Motafifn with Eaalim institute for teaching Quran online, tajweed, Arabic language online, and Islamic studies online, Once your course was completed, We congratulate you on achieving a score of 99% and the passing score is 85%, This Test needs focus and determination; it assesses the skills needed for reading and understanding Arabic, This certificate is being provided just for our special students,So, the exam requires maximum focus to pass and achieve the needed marks to get the certification, We do not expect all course attendees to gain certification , Please download the attached official certificate that confirms that you successfully passed the exam, We look forward to your ongoing involvement with Eaalim Institute, We would like to remind you that our teachers are native Arabic speakers with the highest qualifications and quranic Ijazas from Egypt and the rest of the Muslim world. We are sure that our plans can always meet your requirements.

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