Fadheela Campbell

Certificate Description

Assalamu Alikim sister, Fadheela, You have completed Reciting the Quran from Surat An-Naas to Surat Az-Zalzala with Eaalim institute for teaching Quran online, tajweed, Arabic language online, and Islamic studies online, At the end of the course you took an exam based on Amma part, so Eaalim congratulates you for your outstanding mark which is 99% and the needed mark to pass is 85% so good job and keep doing this, You are now capable of being linked to other teaching centers with Eaalim institute. This test needs you to completely focus on it, so keep hardworking, This certificate is being provided just for our special students, so this means that you are special in our eyes, and these certificates are known among all the Islamic world, Because of this the exam is extensive and marks required to achieve certification are set at a high level, we don't think all the trainers can achieve this mark to be certificated, So, the world must be very proud of you and your achievement, We proudly attached your official certificate for achieving the memorizing of Amma part, We are happy to have your continued involvement with us, So as not to prolong you, We just want to remind you about your teachers who are native Arabs from Egypt and other parts of the Islamic world, We hope you enjoy our service.

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