aminah um yeahya

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Assalamu Alikim, Aminah um yeahya You recently attended of Hifdhul Quran from Surah An-Naas to Surah Qaf with Eaalim Institue; Your favourite online place to learn Arabic, Islamic Studies, Quran, and Tajweed, By completing the course, you had an exam based on this part of the Quran , On behalf of Eaalim family with Eaalim institute, we would like to congratulate you as your grade is 99% which is higher than the standard grade to pass which is 85% , You are now entitled to enrol on any Arabic Language 1b with Eaalim Institute or any other reputable Education provider , This exam requires great effort as it tests all the skills needed for reading and understanding Arabic , Eaalim Institute Certificate is referred to our partners in the Muslim Community of UK and outside to identify Muslims who are most accurate in Arabic grammar, and the Quranic Arabic Langauage, According to this, the exam is intense and the score needed to get the certificate is high , We do not expect all course attendees to gain certification , Hence, you are one of the best students who got certified , We hereby attach your officail certificate that confirms your successful completion of memorizing of Quran with Eaalim institute , We encourage your continous involvement with Eaalim Institute, Remember, Eaalim has the best qualified native Arabic teachers, with the best course plans so you can enjoy learning with us .

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