Sara Hussain

Certificate Description

Assalamu Alikim Sara Hussain, You have reading Surah Al-Baqarah of Quran with Eaalim institute for teaching Arabic language online, Quran online, tajweed, and Islamic studies online,Fiqh, and Hadith, Upon the course completion, you have been subject to an exam based on this part, On behalf of Eaalim family with Eaalim institute, we would like to congratulate you like your grade is 99% which is higher than the standard grade to pass which is 85% ,You can now register on any other teaching centre with Eaalim Institue , This Test needs focus and determination; it assesses the skills needed for reading and understanding Arabic , Eaalim Institute certificates are known among our partners in the Muslim Community all over the world to be held by Muslims who are trained accurately in Arabic grammar and Quranic Arabic , According to this, the exam is intense and the score needed to get the certificate is high , Some of the course participants will not be able to get the certificate , That's you we have to praise you for getting this certificate , Please find enclosed your official certificate signifying you have passed the Arabic Language 1a with Eaalim Institute, Thank you for being always involved with Eaalim Institute, At the end, we would like to remind you that our teachers are native Arabs from Egypt and other parts of the Muslime wold, and we have various course that suit your needs .

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