“Convey from me even one verse” Mo Salah As an example

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“Convey from me even one verse

It is not necessary to be a scholar in the Qur’an and Islamic studies to reach the verses of God, you can be a doctor, engineer, teacher or athlete and at the same time call to God with your work and diligence before knowledge.

Mohamed Salah is a professional and agreat Muslim player

One of the honorable models in calling to God by his work without his knowledge is Captain Mohamed Salah Al-Masry, the Muslim who plays in Liverpool, and all fans and players notice his good manners with his professionalism in playing football

Sajda Mohamed Salah

Many notice that Mohamed Salah, after scoring any goal, prostrates to God a prostration of thanksgiving in front of dozens of cameras and tens of millions of audience, whether in front of the television or in the stands.

Good deeds that Salah does

All Egyptians know that Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian professional player in England in the Liverpool team, helps many and many poor people in Egypt, and he also founded many associations that help the needy

The life story of Mohamed Salah from beginning to professionalism:

Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly (born June 15, 1992) is an Egyptian footballer who plays as a right-wing player for Liverpool FC in the English Premier League and the Egypt national team. He is considered one of the most prominent Arab and African players, as he won many awards, most notably the award for the best player in England 2018, the goal of the season in the English Premier League for the 2017-18 season,

Player of the Year award

Player of the Year award, the BBC African Player of the Year award for 2017 and 2018, the best player in the English Premier League for the year 2018, and the Golden Boot award in the Premier League (Premier League top scorer) in 2018 and 2019. He was selected by Time magazine in 2019 among the 100 most influential people in the world. He started his career in the junior ranks of the Arab Contractors Club until he was promoted to the first team, then turned to professionalism in Europe and joined the Swiss club Basel, Chelsea, Fiorentina, Rome, and his current club, Liverpool Salah achieved with his first European club, Basel, many titles, and he won the Swiss Super League title in the 2012-2013 season, and the award for the best player in the Swiss Super League for the year 2013, then Mohamed Salah joined Chelsea and won the English Premier League title with them in the 2014 season. -15th, As well as the 2014-15 League Cup, but he did not participate primarily with the team, then he moved on loan to the Italian club Fiorentina, then moved to Roma, and participated with him throughout the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons in 83 matches, in which he scored 34 goals,


In 2017, he joined Liverpool in a deal amounting to 42 million euros, in addition to 8 million euros in incentives. At that time, he became the most expensive Arab and African player in history and the second most expensive player in the club’s history, and he achieved with them a very strong season, as he was chosen 3 times as the player of the month in the English Premier League, He scored 44 goals in one season, becoming one of the team’s top scorers in terms of goals in one season. In his second season with the team, Salah also succeeded in providing an outstanding level by scoring 27 goals and making 10 goals and contributing to the team’s coronation in the European Champions League.

Mohamed Salah was born on June 15, 1992 in the village of Nagrij, affiliated to the city of Basyoun in the Gharbia Governorate. Fortunately, Salah did not help him to enroll in a large university. Rather, he preferred to join the Wireless Institute because of the difficult financial conditions he lived in, in addition to his love for football, and he was unable to enroll in high school. The public in the city of Basyoun, because of his desire to stay in Cairo to join the Arab Contractors Club.

Mohamed Salah loves success:

In the last match of the Egyptian national team with the Congo national team, the Egyptian team would have almost lost, had it not been for the success of God, and then Mohamed Salah’s insistence, the Egyptian team won in the last moments,

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