Dealing of the prophet [PBUH] with Ahlu Alzzimah.

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The prophet Muhammad :

The prophet [PBUh] was a good example for mercy and tolerance,
Umm al -Mumineen Aishah [MPW] has described him by her saying :
( Allah’ s messenger [PBUH] had no choice between two things 
except that he chose the easier of them, as long as it was not a sin,
he was the most distant of people from it , except that Allah’s sanctity was violated,
so he avenges for Allah with it.)
” The prophet Mohammad “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allah

Mercy with all creation

and the forms of tolerance are many on this : as his mercy with all creation and
for all creation, for Almighty Allah says, “ We have not sent you but as a mercy
to the worlds” also The prophet [PBUH] has urged on kindness and mercy
in many of his traditions [ Ahaadeeth], for he [PBUH] says,”
Allah is not merciful to those who are not merciful to people.
” besides his exceeding for those who antagonized him and hurt him
on the day of conquering Makkah and and forgiving them
in addition to his calling with guidance for his opponents from
non – Muslims, as his calling with guidance for Attufayl ibn Umr
Al -Awsee and his people, and his calling for Abu Hurayra’s mother ,
and also he reached from  his benevolence on the concurrence of Khaybar ,
and he took towrah’s books of the Jews, then he returned the books
to them when the Jews ordered them, he did not do as the others did,
by burning them or tearing them up or treading on them.

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Ahlu Azzimah and The prophet Muhammad

Generally Ahlu Azzimah are [The Jews and the Christians] , as stated in
the Holy Quran , and Almighty Allah has named them by
Al – kitaab eyeem [the people of the scriptures m because He sent down to
them two books to all them for worshipping Allah Alone ,
and He had sent down Tawrat upon our prophet Moosa [MPW]
and also the Islamic law has showed that they have judgements of their own
and they are differ from the rulings of the polytheists ,among these judgements,
permission of marriage to their chaste women, as it is permissible to eat from their sacrifices.
The prophet [PBUH] had dealt with the people of the scripture [ Ahl al kitab ]in a good way ,
he did not hesitate of calling them to follow the religion of Oneness
[Deen At – Tawheed] the religion of Almighty Allah, he does not believe in
what they believe and he called them with all means of calling,
As the prophet [PBUH] didn’t oppress them, and did not deprive them of their rights,
on the contrary when he arrived to Madeenah migrating from Makkah,
he organized the Muslims ‘s relation with the exist Jews and stated
the limits of each party of them,

So amongst the terms of the document are :

a)The right in life and peaceful coexistence, wherefore, neither the prophet [PBUH],
nor his companions had killed a jewish without a crime committed ,
however the punishment was areward for the betrayer and treachery. 
b) Also The right in selecting the religion, in other words, he guaranteed them
freedom of religion ,Allah‘s messenger did not attempt to enforce the jews
to embrace Islam forcefully . 
c)also The right in possession : The prophet [PBUH] accepted the jew’s right in possessing
anything they wanted and didn’t try to confiscate their assets.
d) and also The protection’s right and  self – defense , the messenger [PBUH] has guaranteed
with protecting the jews who were existed in Mdeenah, it ‘s like the Muslim that means both
the Muslims and the Jews cooperate together against the outer enemies .
e) also The justice’s right in dealing and raising oppression , the prophet [PBUh]
has dealt with the Jews on the base of equality and lift unfairness of them, and if injustice
happened to them by the Muslims , the prophet [PBUH] doesn’t hesitate of judgment
for the jew if he is right .
through the detailed explanation of the treatment of the prophet [PBUH]
with Ahlu Azzimah [the Jews and the Christians] , we see real practice for the principles
of justice and equality which the Allah’s messenger has applied them equally and correctly
over Madeenah’s society members without ousting anyone and without
underestimation of the other’s rights    
” The prophet Muhammad “

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