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Muslims and their western countries

Western civilization has its splendor, urban and technological progress, luxury
and boundless freedom.
It has become the face of everyone who wants to enjoy the freedom, democracy
and prosperity that these countries provide.
Thus, it has attracted far and wide in its immigration, including Muslims and for decades.
Muslims have enjoyed what others have enjoyed from those advanced countries
in terms of the luxury of living,
the freedom offered, and the democratic and legal dealings.


Challenges and difficulties despite freedom.

However, this great and unlimited freedom had a negative impact, despite
freedom being the source of a happy life.
Muslims and the way of life imposed on them by their beliefs and religion may conflict with unlimited freedom,
which poses a threat to their Islamic identity, as the unlimited freedom that surrounds
them may cause an intellectual conflict and
also a way of dealing that may contradict the teachings of Islam.
Islam obliges Muslims to adhere to their Muslim identity, but it does not require them to impose their way
and their religion on non-Muslims, especially in non- Muslim countries, which puts the Muslim in a great matter.
An example of drinking alcohol, dealing with usury, and being naked.


The West is the motherland of HIM.

There may be a choice for those who are the first immigrants, so whoever cannot find a formula
to deal with the challenges he faces in the West may choose to emigrate from them.
But that option shrinks and vanishes from the second generation, especially the third generation
and those who follow it from the sons of Muslims
This is because that country has become their mother country, in which he grew up.
Here, life becomes increasingly difficult for parents, as they fear for the identity of their children.
The urgency is also increasing to find a way and formula to deal with these challenges.


Muslims are one nation and many countries

Among the foregoing, the Eaalim Institute prompted assistance in finding solutions, proposing them, and transferring
the experiences of those who were able to deal with challenges and succeeded in doing so.
An Eaalim institute put up a questionnaire website to those who want to explain and share their experiences. 

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