The Dhikr of Allah and Du’a

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The Dhikr of Allah means to remember and mention Allah. Muslims call the Holy Quran itself “Dhikr”. This is because the Holy Quran contains the mention of Allah a lot. There are a lot of themes in the Holy Quran; the most important of which is the mention of Allah. This is because the Holy Quran reminds Muslims of Allah all the time.

The Truth of Dhikr Allah:

 Allah asks and recommends a Muslim  to do Dhikr Allah all the time. A believer should always think of Allah. So, Dhikr Allah is a work of the heart (mind) in which a Muslim always thinks of the greatness and mercy of Allah. A Muslim should think about the aspects, qualities and attributes of Allah. The Holy Quran calls them  the “Beautiful Names” of Allah. There are ninety-nine names of Allah. A Muslim should learn these names and mention Allah using them as well as their own words and ideas,

When should a Muslim practice Dhikr Allah?

       Except  for being in the toilet, a Muslim should practice Dhikr Allah all the time and everywhere. So, when a Muslim gets up, they mention the name of Allah thanking Him for giving the Muslim another day to live. A Muslim should then say: “Praise be to Allah who made me live after my death (sleep); and to Allah is resurrection.” When a Muslim goes to the bathroom, they should say:  “I seek refuge in Allah from the male and female devils”. When a Muslim leaves the bathroom, they should say: “Your forgiveness”; asking Allah to forgive them; maybe for being in the toilet and unable to mention Allah there. When a Muslim is about to use water (for ablution) they should say: “In the name of Allah.” After the Muslim has used water and made their ablution, they mention Allah; praising Him, saying the testimony and thanking Allah.

Dhikr Allah and a Muslim’s daily routine:

  Every step a Muslim takes, every action a Muslim does, they should mention Allah and make du’a. When a Muslim is about to eat their breakfast, they say: “In the name of Allah”. After finishing their breakfast meal, a Muslim thanks and praises Allah, for supporting and providing them with the food they have just eaten.

In the company of Allah:

 When a Muslim is about to get dressed for going out to their work, they mention Allah and praise Him for His blessings of clothes, work, family, health and children. When a Muslim is about to leave their house and go to their work, they mention Allah; saying that they depend on Allah and ask His help, protection and support. Allah recommends a Muslim to mention Allah at the beginning and at the end of every day. However, the daily five obligatory prayers are the core of Dhikr Allah. So, Dhikr Allah is a Muslim’s daily habit. 

Dhikr Allah indoors and outdoors:

 When a Muslim is about to use their means of transportation, whether private or public, they mention Allah, saying: “Praise to Allah who made it possible for me to use this means of transportation; and I will really return to my Lord.” When a Muslim meets another Muslim, they greet each other saying: “Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessing of Allah.” This greeting is a way of Dhikr in itself.

The importance of Dhikr Allah for a Muslim:

The Dhikr of Allah and Du’a

 The mention of Allah has countless benefits for a Muslim. Through Dhikr, a Muslim is always in contact with their Lord. Allah says in the Holy Quran: “Mention Me so that I mention you.” When a Muslim mentions their Lord, they gain the company of Allah. A Muslim’s heart is “alive” through Dhikr Allah. Prophet Mohammad said that the Muslim who mentions their Lord is a “living” Muslim. Similarly, the Muslim who doesn’t mention their Lord is a “dead” Muslim with a “dead” heart. The mention of Allah cures a lot of psychological and spiritual diseases. A Muslim who always remembers and mentions Allah is rarely worried or under stress. They look happy, satisfied and on good terms with their fate and destiny.

In the company of Allah:

A Muslim who lives in the company of Allah is optimistic and feels sure that Allah amends things for them. They don’t worry about the past, present or the future. They recall the greatness and mercy of Allah. All other people who don’t mention Allah look like lost people in the desert of life suffering from thirst and heat of anxiety; while those who mention Allah live and enjoy being in the merciful shade of trust in Allah. For a Muslim, the happiness of this life is to mention Allah and be contented with their Lord, making sure that Allah is the sole source of every good thing and the only protector and the safe haven against all odds,

Dhikr Allah and a Muslim’s daily routine:

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