Enriching answer of Islam, Seerah: part 9 “learn quran for kids”

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Enriching answer of Islam, Seerah: part 9 “learn quran for kids”

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The Armed Struggle with Makkah:

He began to send out military expeditions.

It was to compel them to open battle.

To attack a caravan, led by Abu Sufian.

They fought at Badr, a well near Madina.

313 Muslims versus 1000 non Muslims.

 The Muslims defeated the non Muslims.

 70 were killed, many wounded & captured.

They treated them humanely and kindly.

n the third year after Hijira.

They had 3000 strong fighters.

Muslims were victorious.

 As the archers left their posts for booty.

Khalid ibn al- Walid led them.

About 70 Muslims including Hamza died.

Twenty two of them were killed.

The Jewish tribe of Banu al-Nadir did.


       Ironically enough, life in Makkah was easier and simpler for Muslims than it was in Madinah.  This can be true in the sense that, in Makkah Muslims were only tortured and persecuted, while they clung to their faith. They had a little margin of freedom which afforded them hardly any options, and consequently any responsibility. Here lies ease and simplicity. On the other hand, life was harder and more complicated for Muslims. They had more than one antagonist, rival or an enemy. In Madinah, Muslims were no more that weak persecuted minority, rather, they became a strong majority, which if not ruled Madinah, they participated influently in running it. Having the enmity of Quraish in the background, the Muslims had to deal with a variety of people and issues. They had the Muhajireen and al- Ansar. They had al- Aws and al- Khazraj. They had to deal with the Jews who never welcomed the Presence of Muslims in “their” town, Madinah. Finally, the had the alarming issue of the hypocrites, who pretended to be Muslims, while in fact, they wanted to eradicate Islam from Madinah alltogether.

                Madinah had a strategic location on the trading route from Makkah to Syria and back. Quraish realized the fatal error they had committed by allowing Muslims to flee from between their hands and claws. So many battles, expeditions and skirmishes took place between Makkah on the one hand, and the Muslims on the other. The ultimate result of this was the unquestionable victory of Muslims, and the devastating defeat of Quraish, which was crowned by the conquest of Makkah and the Arabian tribes embracing Islam collectively.

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