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About this course

This course will:

  • Focus on studying Arabic grammar in details.
  • Be accompanied with a lot of examples and old, and contemporary Arabic contexts that will help applying grammar rules in a practical way.
  • Be divided into two parts;

The first part will be focusing on studying Arabic grammar in a general way that will enable the student to analyze most of the sentences and understand the function of sentence analysis. This will cover most of the new and old expressions, and sentence types (Simple, Compound, and Complex). It will cover most of the topics of grammar such as The Subject, The object, The Adjective, The Adverb, The prepositions, Question Marks, Conjunctions,…etc.

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After this course, the student will be able to:

  • Analyze Arabic sentences in details.
  • Know the function of Arabic Grammar in sentences like (The subject of the sentence is the one who does something, and the object is the one who something has been done to him).
  • Read Arabic contexts without signs on a proper way, without mistakes.
  • Add signs to Arabic texts that do not have signs.
  • The second part will be for Advanced Students. This will cover Matn Ibn Aqeel, and Al Aajorromeya. It will also cover Reference Books like The book of Sibaweyh “Al-Kitab”, The book of Almobared “Almoktadab”, The book of Ibn Hisham “Qatr Annada”, andThe book of Ibn Hisham “Moghani Allabib An Kotob Alaareeb”.
  • Search easily in Arabic Reference Books, specially Grammar books.
  • Know the different opinions about a lot of Grammatical Points.
  • Read Arabic reference books in a proper way.
  • Make researches about certain topics in reference books.

After this course, the student will be able to:

– Know the Arabic sounds, words and sentences.
Memorize some Arabic words, sentences, and expressions.

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