Hilf al-Fudul, the Alliance of virtue

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 This blog is going to talk about Hilf al-Fudul, the alliance of virtue. What is virtue? What is it to be virtuous? Some people say: “Might is right.” The English word “virtue” comes from the latin word, “virtutum”. Therefore, the  original meaning of the latin word is “power”. Therefore, in the western mind and intellect “Might is right”. However, Islam has come to set things right. Islam teaches its followers that “Right is might”. This makes a great difference. In the western mind, people think that as long as you are powerful, you are right and have the right to do what you like. therefore, the elite of makkah established Hilf Al-Fudul and the alliance of virtue.

The law of Islam versus the law of the jungle:

Hilf al-Fudul, the Alliance of virtue

 In the first place, the core and essence of the Islamic law is man. Islam has come to free humans from worshiping other humans into worshiping the Creator of all creatures. Also, the objective of the Islamic law is to preserve the human soul, mind, body and people’s money. Therefore, Islam bans paganism only to keep human souls from worshiping other things than Allah. Islam acknowledges the human mind and intellect as the only criterion through which Allah addresses humans. The Holy Quran itself is a mental and intellectual debate and dialogue between humans and their Creator.

The importance of reason in Islam:

For this reason Islam has banned narcotics and wine which affect man’s reason and mind. In Islam, a human’s body is the manufacture and the making of Allah. No one has the right to kill people; damage the making of Allah without a compelling reason. Killing an innocent soul in Islam is equal to killing all humans from the first day of creation till the Last Day. Likewise, rescuing a single soul is equal to rescuing all humans. Justice in Islam makes it a must for each human to enjoy the fruit of their endeavor. No one has the right to usurp others and take their money through illegal or immoral ways. This is why Islam has banned theft, usury and fraud. Man’s money is man’s money. No one has the right to deprive humans of their wealth, capital or rights.

Is there a war on Islam?

The clear answer to this question is “Yes”. There has always been a war on Islam since day one. The reasons for such a fervent war is what Islam calls for. The people of the jungle law want their lifestyle and way of thinking to prevail. They want their interests and values to rule. Islam simply fights these values. Modern superpowers are not different from the elite of Quraish in Makkah who wanted to silence and even kill prophet Mohammad; who they thought threatened their lifestyle, interests and way of thinking.

What form(s)does the war on Islam take?

It is a continuous and continual war between Islam and its enemies. The two fighting parties are Allah, the Holy Quran, Islam and prophet Mohammad on the one hand; and the guardians of the law of the jungle on the other hand. On many occasions in the Holy Quran, Allah asserts that “They fight Allah and His messenger.” Allah declares clearly: “Allah has written (that) I will rule and be victorious as well as My messengers.” Every time the war renews, Allah wins. Nevertheless, the defeated party never gives up.

The war strategies:

A strategy is a long term war plan. So, those who fight and resist Islam have taken it upon themselves to do whatever they could to defame Islam. First, they know very well that Allah commands Muslims to be one nation. Therefore, they have made and encouraged Muslims to be warring factions. Islam is a comprehensive lifestyle. That’s why they have shrunk into useless rituals, destroying all the Islamic values and defaming them in the eyes of the followers of Islam. Finally, they have made use of some mistakes made by some Muslims to defame Islam, creating in the minds of non-Muslims what is known as Islamophobia.

The way out:

Hilf al-Fudul, the Alliance of virtue

Islam can’t be defeated. However, Muslims can easily be defeated. How can Muslims be victorious? First, the followers of Islam must be united. This means that: Muslims worship one and the same God. They have one and the same Holy Quran. Believers direct their faces to one and the same for prayer, al-Kaba in Makkah. The monothists must have one and the same Muslim referential institution. Muslims must positively contribute to humanity as extroverted members in the global family.

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