How a Muslim performs their prayer

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 In their Islamic studies online courses, kids learn a lot of authentic and correct Hadiths. Prophet Mohammad once said:  Allah has built “Islam  upon five pillars.  The testimony means that there is no god but Allah,. Performing the five daily obligatory prayers is a must. , Payment of zakat is obligatory.  Fasting the month of Ramadan is necessary. and pilgrimage to the House of Allah in Makkah for the financially and physically capable Muslim adults is the fifth pillar.” 

The importance of prayer in Islam:

Also prophet Mohammad said: “ Prayer is the (main) pillar of the religion (Islam).  Whoever performs it has completed their faith. Whoever doesn’t, has ruined their faith. In a third authentic hadith, prophet Mohammad also said: “The covenant between us (Muslim kids and adults) and them (non-Muslims) is prayer. So, the above hadiths  show how important prayer is to a Muslim kid and adult. Apart from the testimony and prayer, all the other pillars of Islam may in a way or another not be obligatory for a Muslim kid or adult. If a Muslim kid or adult is physically unable to fast during Ramadan, they may not fast. They can  either  feed poor Muslims  or may be forgiven altogether. A poor Muslim adult may be exempted from paying zakat if they can’t afford it. 

How a Muslim performs their prayer

A Muslim can't do without prayer :

  Islam can find excuses for a Muslim adult not to carry out the rest of the pillars of Islam. However, Islam doesn’t tolerate a Muslim adult neglecting their prayer. On the other hand, Kids learn in their Islamic studies online courses .  Islam has encouraged Muslim kids and adults to perform prayers. They can do this  either individually or in congregation. An individual worshiper gets their reward from their Lord. When they perform their prayer. Moreover, a worshiper gets twenty- seven or even twenty-eight folds of reward when they join a congregation to pray together. Also, Islam has encouraged Muslim adults to build mosques. A Muslim adult who builds a mosque for Allah; were it the size of a bird’s nest, Allah will build them a palace in paradise.

The ease and simplicity of Islam :

 The ease and simplicity of Islam are very clear in prayer. While the religious rituals are complex in other religions and faiths, prayer in Islam is the easiest for both kids and adults. All a Muslim kid or adult has to do is to make their ablution and wash their limbs and other parts to be ready to pray. Also, a Muslim kid or adult can do their prayer anywhere pure. A Muslim kid and adult can pray at home, at work in the sea or on the land. The whole earth is a Muslim kid or adult’s mosque and a means for purification.

Prayer is for all Muslims :

    A poor Muslim kid or adult should pray. A wealthy Muslim kid or adult should pray. A healthy Muslim kid or adult should pray. An unhealthy Muslim kid or adult should pray. If a Muslim kid or adult is unable to pray while they are standing up, they can do their prayer while they are sitting down. If a Muslim kid or adult can’t pray while sitting down, they can pray while lying down. If a Muslim kid or adult can’t go to the Mosque to perform their prayer, they can pray at home. If a Muslim kid or adult can’t make their ablution for a reason or another, they can make the dry ablution, which is called Tayammum.

How do Muslims pray ?

 Prophet Mohammad once said: “Pray in the way you saw me pray, i.e. pray like I do.” So, prophet Mohammad showed his companions how to pray. We do what the prophet and his companions did. However, there are general guidelines for a Muslim so that their prayers may be accepted by Allah. First a Muslim kid or adult should perfect their ablution. This means that a Muslim kid and adult should carefully make their ablution. Second, a Muslim kid and adult should walk to the mosque in a quiet and wise way. When a Muslim kid and adult starts their prayer, they must raise their hands so that their thumbs touch their earlobes. At this point, a Muslim kid and adult says “Allahu Akbar”. Now that a Muslim kid or adult has joined the congregational prayer, they follow the prayer-leader (Imam) in all the prayer movements.

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