Islam is the religion of knowledge … learn Quran online

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Islam is a religion of reading…Learn Quran online

Islam urges us to learn and learn… Learn Quran online

Therefore, everyone who seeks the truth will find Islam

Just ask questions

And looking for the answer

Purely and in good faith

You will find Islam is the answer

We Muslims must learn Islam

We learn the Quran, which is the book of Islam

Learn Quran online

Ameena Blake

Ameena Blake convertaed to Islam in 1992.

she Got a degree in English studies and car driving.

and Ameena A lecturer at the Makefield Institute for the Higher Islamic Studies.

Blake Has Started to be active in the field of the Islamic  Da’wah since 1994.

Learn Quran online

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Ameena’s journey to Islam… Learn Quran online

Amina’s mother gave it to adoptive parents, in Sheffield. ​

Her adoptive father was a professor of linguistics. 

so Her father had a diverse group of students from the Muslim world.

Ameena  was a Christian. 

Ameena  had a problem with the concept of the trinity. 

Why would the Creator need a son?. 

So Amina had some questions

Why didn’t he protect His only son?

Also the Bible, the word of Allah has changed.

Her Muslim friend hosted her, 

exposing herself to the translation of the Quran. 

Ameena’s friend asked her to wash her hand before touching the Quran.

said Ameena ,Allah brings people to Islam. 

The knowledge and the readiness are essential to embrace Islam. 

Ameena  asked her friend to prove that the Quran is the word of Allah.

Ameena’s friend asked her to wait for a few  days to check.

after that, Ameena’sThe friend showed her some scientific facts in the Quran, 

commenting,  Ameena’sThe friend, that that was revealed to an illiterate man in the mid of the desert, 1400 years ago,

His name’s  Mohammad.

watched’s Ameena, the Al-Resalah movie about Islam.

She heard the Adhan in the movies, feeling faith travelling all the way through herself.

Safter that Ameena admired it saying she wanted to be a Muslim.

so Ameena went to the mosque giving her shahadah. 

 ​thought  Ameena needed to dress like a Pakistani to be a true Muslim. 

said Ameena to her father she was a Muslim.

Ameena’s father thought it was just a whim of hers. 

and Ameena’s mother thought that that would affect her lifestyle.

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After Islam… Learn Quran online

During this time, Amina entered into seclusion and solitude, which Amina used well to understand Islam better

returned Ameena ,to Allah alone without any other considerations

thus wanted Ameena,  badly to practise Islam. 

which made Ameena, wiling more to know about Islam.

Ameena asked Allah to help her. 

after that Ameena met a new in Islam friend called Tracy.

​Sister Tracy taught her how to pray. 

after that A pakistani Muslim taught her more about the religion. 

That Pakistani passed away from a heart attack. 

so She saw the dead man’s face, which was illuminated and smiling. 

She remembered his prayer.

thus It was a message for her to pray to get that light.

Ameena learned Arabic from a Yemeni neighbour who didn’t speak any English,

so forcing her to speak Arabic only

Learn Quran online

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