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Islam is the religion of life…Learn Quran online

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Is Islam a religion of life? … learn Quran online

Learn Quran online

Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds

Islam really is a religion for all of life

Each of us finds Islam in our daily life

and Whatever his mission, his job or his role in life

We learn from Islam how to manage our lives

and We organize our relationship

and Islam is a rule that Muslims must abide by

limits that must be stood To straighten our lives So we can be good advocates of Islam

And our daily dealings should be good

and We must learn our religion well through its basic sources It is the Holy Quran… learn Quran online


Born in 1964  

in London .

and in his childhood, his parents were Catholics who used to put him in a Sunday school, only to give themselves the chance to move around freely.

but He had no spiritual life.

A trainer of the Wing Chun, a traditional Chinese Martial Art. … learn Quran online

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about his Islam…learn Quran online

At the age of twenty-three, he went to Hong Kong to learn Martial Arts on his own

Because he is A trainer in the Wing Chun

so A Pakistani trainee under him asked him to embrace Islam,

and giving him books to read about Islam.

He read for a whole year, admiring the fact that Islam has rules, which he liked to follow.

Before being a Muslim, he focused on teaching his students conduct and manner, which is identical to Islam, 

so Islam was not a strange thing for him.

so Focusing on manners is not a part of the game he taught, rather it was a part of his character.

and He embraced Islam at the age of forty. He judged the religion by its ideas and concepts, not through Muslims, some of whom behave badly.

and USAMA is Embraced Islam in 2007… learn Quran online

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His life in Islam

His family accepted his being a Muslim, 

but he felt like a stranger among his friends as he changed his routine his life  after embracing Islam.

and he say A lot of the Carribians, like himself are embracing Islam because they are searching for something. 

but The media gives a very negative image of Islam, which is really a beautiful religion.

After embracing Islam, he teaches his students that they compete to understand and cooperate with each other, not to defeat one another.

He teaches his students not to hit each other and to control themselves as the objective is self- defence, not aggression. 

because This is the spirit of Islam.

and USAMA is used to being abused, either for being black or for being a Muslim.

He talks to his students about Islam, advising them to read about it Many of his students have become Muslims…

learn Quran online

Author: aburuqayyah
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