Do you want to know more about your religion?
Do you want to be more Islamically cultured and versed?
Do you want to have a better understanding of your religion?
Do you have any Arab and Muslim friends in your university or at work with whom you want to have common interests about the Islamic culture?
Do you want to be an Islamic orator or a preacher advocating Islam?
Do you consider visiting Arab and Muslim countries for tourism and want to benefit more, understanding the culture of the country you are touring?
If you have one of the interests mentioned above, we can definitely help you achieve it through this tailor-made course.
If you want to read and know more about your Islamic culture and history, this is the most appropriate course for you.
With this course, you will end up understanding and knowing the religion thoroughly and deeply as it is a “one-one” course.


Complete at least ten levels of a general Arabic course.
Pass the assessment test.


Sessions depend on your free time.
Trial sessions before joining the course.
Great tuition prices, Greater quality.
All our instructors and teachers are native speakers of Arabic.
Oral quizzes will be done within the course to check the progress of the students.
Certain specialist and thematic videos focusing on the Islamic studies in Arabic and English will be recommended to the students.
Modern approaches will be used to develop your learning of the Islamic studies, i.e. interactive websites, games…etc.
All lectures will be based on “one-one” sessions, however, we might arrange some group meetings with all the students to facilitate broader understanding and learning of the Islamic studies and to let everybody share their experience in learning the Islamic studies. This will be for the good of the students and will be based on the preference of both the student as well as the teacher or the instructor.
Books used will be mainly focusing on your learning needs and skills.
This course will be customized based on why you are learning the Islamic studies. If you want to learn it for tourism, for instance, we will take care of that and the course will be focusing on your tourism needs.


Discuss Islamic issues in a confident way.
Know more thoroughly and deeply the history and culture of Islam.
Get new information that will facilitate your acquiring knowledge.
Use historical and cultural facts in your speech, conversations and dialogues in a very efficient way.
Use cultural and Islamic common expressions and utilize them properly in your everyday life.
Mastering knowledge of your Islamic background while speaking.
Focus on wrong ideas about Islam to correct them perfectly.

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