Juwairia bint al-Harith

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The lady of bani al-Mustaliq

Juwairia bint al-Harith was prophet Mohammad’s eighth wife. Juwairia bint al-Harith belonged to the tribe of bani al-Mustaliq. She was the daughter of the chief of the tribe. The fifth year after the prophet’s migration to al-Madina was a significant year. It was full of important incidents.

Juwairia bint al-Harith

War, siege, conquest and victory:

Quraish decided to erase Islam from al-Madina after their victory at Uhud. Encouraged by the Madina Jews and hypocrites, Quraish marched a big army towards al-Madina.  In their courses of the Holy Quran and Islamic studies, students learn that The Quraish army was certain of their victory. However, Salman al-Farisi, one of the prophet’s Persian companions suggested that Muslims dug a defensive trench to stop Quraish from invading al-Madina. At once, prophet Mohammad and his companions set to work. They managed to dig the trench before the Quraish army arrived. The trench was a new military strategy with which Quraish was unfamiliar. Therefore, the Quraish decided to impose a siege around al-Madina. The siege lasted for more than twenty-five days without any success. That was why, Quraish decided to withdraw their army. 

Prophet Mohammad punishes the Jews:

Prophet Mohammad returned victorious to al-Madina at last. Nevertheless, prophet Mohammad summoned his companions to meet him at bani Quraiza at al-Asr prayer time. The Quran and Islamic studies’ courses assure us that Prophet Mohammad imposed a siege on bani Quraiza because of their treachery and cooperation with the Quraish. At last, prophet Mohammad dismissed the Jews out of al-Madina altogether. It was another big victory for prophet Mohammad and his companions. Al-Madina grew stronger after those two successive victories over Quraish as well as the Madina Jews. Ali ibn Abi Talib was the hero on that glorious day. Ali managed to pull out the gate of the fortress of the Jews.

The Muslims’ Jihad never ends:

The students of the holy Quran and Islamic studies learn very well that as soon as the Muslims returned to al-Madina, they got news that another Arab tribe was getting ready to invade Madina. That tribe was Bani al-Mustaliq. Prophet Mohammad marched an army to surprise them before they attacked al-Madina. Prophet Mohammad fought bani al-Mustaliq. The Muslims were also victorious. All bani al-Mustaliq’s children, women and men were taken as war captives. al-Harith, the chief of bani al-Mustaliq and his daughter, Juwairia, was among the war captives. Juwairia did not like captivity. She did her best to end that state of captivity. Therefore, she decided to go to prophet Mohammad himself and talk to him about it.

A blessed marriage proposal:

Reseasrches of the Holy Quran and Islamic studies state that Juwairia searched for the prophet’s house. Prophet Mohammad was at Aisha’s house. Juwairia was both young and beautiful. She wanted to see prophet Mohammad. Aisha was restless and jealous of Juwairia. When Juwairia was admitted to prophet Mohammad, she told him about her captivity. prophet mohammad offered to marry her and free her. At once, Juwairia accepted the marriage proposal. Because of that marriage, the prophet’s companions set all the bani al-Mustaliq war captives free. Juwairia did a big favor to all her tribe. They embraced Islam and regained their freedom. Juwairia was nobel, virtuous and generous.

The virtuous eighth mother of the believers:

When prophet Mohammad married Juwairia, she was about eighteen years old. However, she had been married twice before. Prophet Mohammad paid Juwairia four hundred gold dirhams as a dowry. Juwairia lived many years after the prophet’s death. During all these years, Juwairia was a devout Muslim who practiced all the duties and rituals of Islam. However, Juwairia was well known for her generosity and charity. She spent a lot of money on charity. Juwairia died in the year fifty after the prophet’s migration to al-Madina. The mayor of al-Madina, Marawan ibn al-Hakkam led the funeral prayer over Juwairia’s dead body. Juwairia was eventually buried at al-Baqi’ graveyard at al-Madina. Juwairia was seventy years old when she died.

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