Kid Mohammad returned to Makkah

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The incident of splitting and operating on the prophet’s chest was so tremendous that Halima hurried to return kid Mohammad to his mother Aminah in Makkah. Prophet Mohammad was about six years old at that time. It was a good chance for kid Mohammad to stay and live with his dear mother for a while. Fate wouldn’t give the orphan kid much time. 

A journey with a lot of memories:

There was a strange connection between prophet Mohammad and the journey from Makkah to Madina. Abdullah ibn Abdel-Muttalib, the prophet’s father died in the area on his way home from his last trading journey between Makkah and Syria. Abdallah was buried in the vicinity of Yathrib, or al-Madina as it was later called. The same distance between Makkah and al-Madina witnessed the greatest incident in the history of Islam. Accompanied by his closest friend, Abu Bakr, prophet Mohammad migrated to Madina from Makkah to start a crucial phase in the history of Islam.

Kid Mohammad returned to Makkah

One last good and happy time:

After she became a widow with her husband’s death, Aminah decided to go to Madina to visit her relatives, bani al-Najjar in Yathrib. Aminah also wanted to visit the grave of Abdallah, her deceased husband. Aminah took kid Mohammad with her during that journey. She spent a month in Yathrib. During that month, kid Mohammad played a lot. He even learnt how to swim in a pond in al-Madina. Mohammad liked his time during that journey.

A journey ends,a journey begins:

Eventually, Aminah decided to return home to Makkah. Aminah was a twenty-five year old young widow. On that journey she was accompanied by kid Mohammad and her maid, Umm Ayman. The three of them set off on their journey home. About a hundred kilometers away from Madina and at the al-Abwaa area, Aminah fell very ill. Soon she died on the way. Umm Ayman asked orphan kid Mohammad to help her bury his beloved dear mother. Sadly, they both buried the young widow. The innocent boy kept looking back from time to time asking: “Wouldn’t my mum come with us?” It was a heartbreaking moment, so Umm Ayman did all that she could to soothe the young orphan kid.

Returning back to Makkah without his mother:

Finally, Umm Ayman managed to reach Makkah after burying Aminah. She had done her best to relieve kid Mohammad’s pains. As soon as she had arrived in Makkah, Umm Ayman went to Abdel-Muttalib, prophet Mohammad’s grandfather. Abdel-Muttalib was an aging man at that time. He was about eighty years old. However, he received the orphan kid Mohammad well. He called Mohammad his son. Kid Mohammad accompanied his grandfather everywhere he went.

Who was Abdel-Muttalib?

 Abdel-Muttalib was the chief man in Makkah. He was the tribe leader of Quraish. He was wise and knowledgeable. Abdel-Muttalib was a successful trader and businessman. He had ten sons and a couple of daughters. It was Abdel-Muttalib who gave Mohammad his unique name. When people asked Abdel-Muttalib why he had called Mohammad that unusual name; he said: “I hope Mohammad will be praised in heaven and on earth.” Unfortunately, Abdel-Muttalib didn’t live for long. Two years later, abdel-Muttalib died. Kid prophet Mohammad was eight years old when his grandfather died. Abdel-Muttalib himself was eighty-two years old at the time of his death.

More good people in the kid’s life:

After Abdel-Muttalib’s death, kid Mohammad was entrusted to his uncle Abu Talib. Abu Talib was a good man. However, he was not a very successful trader or a businessman. Abu Talib had many children. The wife of Abu Talib, Fatima bint Asad, was a good and kind woman. She treated orphan kid Mohammad very kindly. Prophet Mohammad said that she would leave her children hungry to feed him. She dressed him well too. Maybe this was the reason why prophet Mohammad named his dearest and youngest daughter Fatima after Fatima bint Asad. his uncle’s good wife.

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