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Eaalim international competition for reciting the holy Quran

Eaalim Institute "for teaching the Holy Quran, Arabic language and other Islamic courses online” Ramadan International competition Levels of the competition - First level: 1- Reciting the Amma Part  “juz’u Amma” with tajweed 2- Second level: Reciting the last quarter of the Amma Part “reciting from Surat “ash sharh” to Surat “An Nas”. 3- Third level “reading a lesson from “ Nour Al  Bayan” book or “Al Qaidah Al nuraniyyah” book Stages of the competition: 1-First stage: Registering Starts from 25 - 5 - 2019 until 26 - 5 - 2019 20 Shabaan to 20 Ramadan ....


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