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Who is he … learn Quran online

Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hosari (September 17, 1917 – November 24, 1980)
is an Egyptian Quran reader and is considered one of the prominent figures in this field.
Before his birth, his father had moved from Fayoum Governorate to the village
in which he was born.
He is an Egyptian Quran reader who has mastered the ten readings of the Holy Quran.
Learn Quran online whith Mahmoud El Hosary so If you want to learn Quran online well,
you must listen to the Quran and one of the greatest sheikhs in Egypt is
the reciter Sheikh  Mahmoud El Hosary 

His upbringing and life … learn Quran online

Before his birth, his father, Mr. Khalil, moved from Fayoum Governorate
to the village of Shubra El-Namla, where Al-Hosari was born.
His mother is Mrs. Farah, or as the villagers call her, “Farah”.
His father entered the book at the age of four to memorize the َQuran,
and he completed the memorization at the age of eight.
He used to go from his village to the Ahmadi Mosque in Tanta daily to memorize the َQuran,
and at twelve he joined the Religious Institute in Tanta.
Then he learned the ten readings after that in Al-Azhar.

He took his degrees in that science

(the science of readings) and then devoted
himself to studying the sciences of the Quran because of his distinguished voice
and good performance.
Also In 1944, he took the radio exam and was ranked first among those applying
for the radio exam.
And also In 1950 AD, he was appointed as a reciter of the Ahmadi Mosque in Tanta,
and in 1955 he was appointed as a reciter of the Al-Hussein Mosque in Cairo.
He was the first to record the Quran recited in the narration of Hafs from Asim,
and he was the first to call for the establishment of a syndicate for the reciters
of the Noble Quran, to take care of their interests and guarantee them a decent livelihood.
He called for the necessity of establishing offices for memorizing the Quran in all cities
and villages, and he built a mosque and an office for memorization in Cairo.
Sheikh Al- Hosari realized from an early age the importance of reciting the Quran in
understanding the Quran and communicating its message.
He believes that the recitation of the Quran embodies the Quranic vocabulary
a living embodiment,
and then embodies the meaning that these vocabularies aim at…
Just as the recitation of the Quran puts the reader in a rational confrontation
with the Quranic text, making the reader feel the responsibility placed upon him

its beginnings … learn Quran online

He used to read the Qur’an in the mosque of his village, and at the meetings
of the residents there.
In 1944, he submitted to the Egyptian Radio a request as a reader of the Holy َQuran,
and after a competition he got the job, and his first live broadcast was on the air
on November 16, 1944 AD, his exclusive broadcast on the Egyptian Quran Radio
continued for ten years.
He was appointed Sheikh of the Maqraa of Sidi Abdel Mutaal in Tanta.
On August 7, 1948, a decision was issued to appoint him as a muezzin in
the Sidi Hamza mosque,
then on October 10, 1948 the decision was amended to a reader in the mosque while retaining his job in the Sidi Abdel Mutaal reciter.
After that, a ministerial decision was issued to assign him the technical supervision of the readers of the Gharbia Governorate.
On April 17, 1949, he was assigned a reader in Ahmed Al-Badawi Mosque in Tanta
(Al-Ahmadi Mosque).
In 1955, he moved to the Imam Hussein Mosque in Cairo. stations in his life

stations in his life… learn Quran online

1957 AD appointed inspector of the Egyptian Muqari.
And also 1958 AD appointed as an agent of the Egyptian Muqari Sheikhdom.
1958AD specialized in the sciences of the ten major readings, its methods,
and its narration in all its isnads, and he obtained a certificate in the sciences of the ten major readings from Al-Azhar.
also 1959 A.D. He was appointed as a reviewer and proofreader for the Quran
by a decision of the Sheikh of Al- Azhar Al- Sharif.
And also 1960 AD The first person was sent to visit Muslims in India and Pakistan
and read the Noble Quran in the first Islamic conference in India in the presence
of the first president in India in the presence of President Gamal Abdel Nasser,
President Jawaharlal Nehru and the leader of Muslims in India.
1961 AD, appointed by a republican decision, sheikh for all Egyptian readers.

1961 AD, the first to record the recited Quran around the world with the narration

of Hafs from Asim, and the broadcast of the Noble Quran remained limited to broadcasting his voice alone for about ten years.
1962 AD, he was appointed as Vice- Chairman of the Committee for the Review and Correction
of the Quran at Al- Azhar Al-Sharif and then as its Chairman. 1963 A.D.
His visit to the State of Kuwait at the invitation of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic
Affairs to recite the Noble Quran in the blessed month of Ramadan.
1964 AD The first to record the recited Quran around the world with the narration of Warsh on the authority of Nafi’.
Also 1965 AD, he visited France and had the opportunity to guide ten Frenchmen to the religion
of Islam after they heard the words of God during his recitation of the Holy Quran.
And also 1966 AD Appointed as a technical advisor for the affairs of the Noble Quran at the Ministry of Endowments.
also 1966 AD: Chosen by the Federation of Islamic World Readers as President
of the Muslim World Readers at Iqra Conference in Karachi, Pakistan.
1967 AD: He was appointed as an expert at the Islamic Research Academy
for Holy Quran Affairs (Council of Senior Scholars) in Al-Azhar.

And also get

1967 AD, he was awarded the Medal of Science and Arts of the first class on the Flag Day.
also 1967 AD, President of the World Readers Union.
1968 AD: Elected as a member of the National Conference of the Socialist Union
for Cairo Governorate (Mosky Department).
also 1968 AD The first to record the recited Quran around the world with the narration of Qalon and the narration of the League.
And also 1969 AD The first to record the Quran teacher around the world
(the method of education).
Also 1970 A.D. He traveled to the United States for the first time as a delegate from the Ministry
of Endowments for the Islamic Communities in North and South America.
And also 1973 A.D. During his second visit to America, Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al- Hosari
taught the martyrdom of eighteen American men and women who proclaimed their
Islam at his hands after hearing his recitation of the Noble Quran.

And also get

also 1975 AD The first to recite the Noble Quran in the world in the manner of the Interpreted Quran (the Preaching Quran).
And also 1977 AD The first to recite the Noble Quran throughout the Islamic world at
the United Nations during his visit to it at the request of all Arab and Islamic delegations.
Also 1978 AD The first to recite the Noble Quran in the Royal Hall and Haywart Hall overlooking
the River Thames in London, and the Council of Islamic Affairs invited him to the British cities
of Liverpool and Sheffield, Lyrtle in front of the Arab and Islamic communities in each of them.
Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hosari is one of the most famous reciters in the Islamic world

His recordings of the Quran learn Quran online

Recording of the Quran recited with the narration of Hafs from Asim –
1961 AD. Recording the Quran recited with the narration of Warsh on the authority of Nafie
Also 1964 AD. Recording the recited َQuran according to the narration
of Qalon and the narration of al-Duri on the authority of Abu Amr al-Basri –
1968 AD. Recording the Teaching Quran
Also 1969 AD Recording of the Explanatory َQuran (The Preaching َQuran) –
1973 AD. His writings

His writings

Rulings for reading the Noble Quran The ten readings of Shatbya and Durra.
Milestones guidance to know the endowment and start.
The great opening in seeking refuge and magnification.
Better impact in the history of the fourteen readers.
with the Holy Quran. Read workshops on Nafeh Al-Madani.
Read the league on the authority of Abu Amr Al-Basri.
The light of hearts in the reading of Imam Yaqub. The easy way to read Imam Abu Jaafar.
Good pleasure in combining Shatbya and Durra. The new approach to the science of tajweed.
My travels in Islam.

His death

He died on the evening of Monday, Muharram 16, 1401 AH, corresponding
to November 24, 1980, after the evening prayer, after his journey
with the Noble Book of God spanned nearly fifty-five years.
In his late days, he was keen to build a mosque, a religious institute,
and a memorization school in his hometown, the village of Shubra al-Namla.
At the end of his life, he bequeathed a third of his money to serve
the Noble َQuran and its memorizers, and to spend on all kinds of charitable causes.

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