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 “learn Quran Online” with Reciter Sheikh MUSTAFA ISMAEL

” Quran online ” If you want to learn Quran Online
well you must listen to the Quran and one of the greatest sheikhs in Egypt is
the reciter Sheikh “ MUSTAFA ISMAEL”.
… Quran online

who is he

Mustafa Ismael. was an Egyptian Quran reader who is considered one of
the most prominent recitation sheikhs in Egypt and the Islamic world.
Also He mastered the Maqamat and recited the Quran in more than 19 maqams in
its branches, with a sweet voice and strong performance.
And also He was known to have a long breath in Tajweed reading.
He recorded with his own voice the recitation of the entire Holy Quran into recitation.
Also He left behind 1,300 recitations that are still broadcast on the Holy Quran radio stations.
In his recitation, he installed the tones and the maqamat in a way that captured the admiration
of the listeners, and he was moving smoothly from one tone to another, and he knew his
vocal abilities well, and how to use them at the right time.
He was able to mix between the science of readings, the provisions of recitation,
the science of interpretation, and the science of maqamat, and he used to evoke the argument
of the Quran in his voice and broadcast it in the hearts of the listeners to sense the majesty of the Quranic meaning.
He was the first reader to register on the Egyptian radio without being tested in it.
King Farouk chose him as a reader of the royal palace. Abdel Nasser honored him and Sadat took him with him on his visit to Jerusalem.
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His birth and upbringing … Quran online

Mustafa Ismail completed the recitation of the Quran and its recitations
with the ten readings at the hands of Sheikh “Idris Fakher” when he was only 16 years old

He went to live in Tanta and from there recorded the real breakthrough of his talent.
When the body of Mr, Hussein Bey Al-Qasabi arrived from Istanbul to Tanta, all of Tanta went
out to receive the body at the city’s train station. Sheikh Mustafa Ismail says:
“I went out like the rest of the people to receive the body, and on the day of the funeral,
one of the relatives of Mr. Al-Qasabi invited me to read the condolences.
I was 16 years old, and I wore the aunt and “the gown, the kaftan, and the kakola.
” To receive Prince Muhammad Ali, the guardian on the throne of King Farouk, Saad Pasha Zagloul, Omar Pasha Toson, notables of Egypt and members of the royal family at that time.
The funeral was, also attended by the notables of Alexandria, Port Said and all the notables
of the Egyptian country… There were no loudspeakers,
so I decided to hear the pavilion all my voice.
The first reciter ended, and his name was Sheikh Salem Hazaa, may God have mercy on him, and he came down from the bench.
I jumped on the bench and sat down. Suddenly a reader called out, saying,
“Go down, boy. It’s a job for children.”
Until one of Mr, Al-Qasabi’s relatives came and said to Sheikh Hassan,
“This is a reader who is, invited to read like you.”
I read and impressed the audience.
Batlawi, as well as Sheikh Hassan Sobh was, impressed.
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Royal Palace Reader … Quran online

Sheikh Muhammad Rifaat listened to him and he himself was a fan and influenced by the voice
of Sheikh Muhammad Rifaat, Sheikh Abdul Fattah Al Shashai and others.
His fame spread throughout the governorate of Gharbia and the neighboring governorates,
and also one of those close to him advised him to go to Cairo.
Indeed, he went there and met one of the sheikhs who listened to him
and appreciated his reading and the sweetness of his voice.
Then he presented it the next day to read in a celebration that Sheikh Abdel Fattah
Al Shashaei was absent due to an emergency circumstance, and the attendees admired him .
King Farouk heard him and admired his voice and ordered that
he be, appointed as a reader of the royal palace, even though he had not been certified by radio.
Sheikh Mustafa Ismail visited twenty-five Arab and Islamic countries and spent the nights
of the holy month of Ramadan reciting the Holy Quran there.
He also traveled to the island of Ceylon, Turkey, Malaysia, and Tanzania, and also visited Germany
and the United States of America, Sheikh Mustafa Ismail visited Jerusalem in 1960,
and also recited the Noble Quran in Al-Aqsa Mosque on one of the nights of the Isra and Mi’raj.
President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat was a fan of listening to Sheikh Mustafa Ismail’s voice.
He Also even used to imitate his method of recitation when El-Sadat was, imprisoned.
He also chose him as part of the official delegation when he visited Jerusalem in 1977,
and there he read the Holy Quran again in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Honor and Medals … Quran online

Sheikh Mustafa Ismail received the Order of Merit from the late President
Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Order of the Cedars from Lebanon in 1958,
the Medal of Arts in 1965, the Medal of Excellence in 1985 from President Mubarak,
the Order of Merit from Syria, and the highest medal from Malaysia,
and Order of Arts from Tanzania, Sheikh Ismail received invitations and requests
from Arab and Islamic countries to read in them, so he answered those invitations,
and traveled to many of those countries, where he read the Quran.

his death

The Sheikh was, transferred to the hospital in Alexandria while
he was in a coma for several days until he died on the morning of Tuesday, December 26, 1978.
A state funeral was, held for him on Thursday, December 28, 1978.
He was, buried in his mosque attached to his home in the village of Mit Ghazal in Al-Santa, Gharbia Governorate.
… Quran online

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