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 learn Quran Online with Abdel-Fattah Chachai

Quran Online “If you want to learn Quran Online well,
you must listen to the Quran and one of the greatest sheikhs in Egypt is the reciter Sheikh
Abdel-Fattah Chachai
Quran Online

who is he

Sheikh Abdel-Fattah Chachai (March 21, 1890 – November 11, 1962)
An Egyptian Quran reader and one of the prominent figures in this field, born
in Shashaa village, Menoufia Governorate.
Quran Online

His birth and upbringing

Sheikh Abdel Fattah Mahmoud Al Shasha’i was born in Shasha’a village in Menoufia Egypt
on March 21, 1890 AD, and his father is Sheikh Mahmoud Ibrahim Al Shasha’i,
and the village was named after his grandfather Shasha’i.
He memorized the NobleَQuran at the hands of his father, Sheikh Mahmoud
Al Shasha’i in 10 years, and completed the memorization of theَQuran in 1900 CE.
After that, Sheikh Al-Shasha’i traveled to Tanta to seek knowledge from the Ahmadi Mosque,
and also to learn intonation and the principles of tajweed in the normal way. In order for
the Sheikh to excel and distinguished himself with a sweet voice, the sheikhs
advised him to travel to Cairo and join Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.
Also He joined Al-Azhar in 1914 AD and studied the readings there under the guidance
of Sheikh Bayoumi and Sheikh Ali Subai’
He also lived in the Al-Darb Al-Ahmar neighborhood, and his reputation began to be
broadcast in Cairo among the legends of the state of recitation, such
as Ali Mahmoud and Muhammad Refaat.
Quran Online

his life

The beginning of Sheikh Abdel-Fattah Al-Shasha’i’s fame and real fame goes back to
that distant evening on the closing night of the birth of Al-Hussein bin Ali
(may God be pleased with him) when he entered to read with the greatest
and most talented reciters at the beginning of the twentieth century,
such as Sheikh Muhammad Refaat, Sheikh Ahmed Nada, Sheikh Ali Mahmoud and
Sheikh Al-Isawy And Sheikh Muhammad Jadallah, and since that night his voice
went out to the Islamic world and he had a place at the top, and he had followers
and students, including Sheikh Mahmoud Ali Al-Banna, Sheikh Abu Al-Ainin Shu’isha
Also and many others. Sheikh Al-Shasha’i was distinguished by the dew sound, intonation
and also intonation that takes you to a world of reverence and contemplation of the signs
and kingdom of God. Some even described him as the master of the art of recitation
in the era of the first generation of readers in Egypt and the Arab world. Al-Shasha’i’s
opinion on the reciters of his generation The Sheikh had his own way of performing,
and it was distinct from the rest of the reciters, however, he used to listen to the voices
of Sheikh Muhammad Refaat and Ali Mahmoud, and he described them as professors
and giants who do not repeat and consider that they are the owners of private schools
in reading theَ Quran. and He described the reading of Sheikh Muhammad Rifaat
(as a school that ended with the death of Sheikh Rifaat and will not be repeated)
Quran Online

Religious Tawashih Journey

Al-Shacha’i formed a religious Tawasheh group, with Sheikh Zakaria Ahmed in its lining,
who later became famous. Soon Sheikh Abdel Fattah Al Shashaee began to shine
Also and shine, and he had thousands of lovers, but the Tawasheh group did not satisfy
Sheikh Al Shasha’i’s ambition
So he read at the funeral of Saad Zaghloul Pasha, Adly Yakan Pasha, and Tharwat Pasha,
so he became the Shasha’i that we know now. Since the year 1930 AD,
Sheikh Al-Shasha’
devoted himself to reciting the Nobleَ Quran and left the recitations forever.
However, he did not forget his companions in the path, so he decided to allocate monthly salaries to them until their death
Quran Online

Egyptian radio

Sheikh Abdel-Fattah Al-Shasha’i joined the Egyptian radio when it was opened,
Also and he was the second reader to read it in 1934 AD, after Sheikh Muhammad Rifaat,
and also although he refused to join the radio at first, he retracted that decision after the fatwa
of Al-Azhar Sheikh Al-Zawahiri and the Sheikh’s acceptance I was raised to the radio show,
and he was receiving an annual salary of 500 Egyptian pounds.
Quran Online

his death

The reciter Sheikh Abdel Fattah Al-Shasha’i
died on November 11, 1962 AD at the age of 72 years,
which he spent in the service of the Nobleَ Quran. And he left his son,
Ibrahim Al-Shasha’i, on his path, and he rose to prominence,
and his fame spread across the horizons.
Quran Online

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