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 Learn Quran Online with Ali Mahmoud

” Quran online “If you want to learn Quran Online well,

you must listen to the Quran and one of the greatest sheikhs in Egypt is the reciter Sheikh Ali Mahmoud

Who is he

Ali Mahmoud (1878 – 1946) was an Egyptian sheikh and reciter of the Quran the master of the reciters and the imam of vocalists in his time.
He is the owner of an ancient school of recitation and chanting, in which all reciters and singers who came after him studied.
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His birth and upbringing

He was born in 1878 in the Darb Al-Hijazi neighborhood, Kafr Al-Zaghari, Al-Gamaliya Department,
Al-Hussein neighborhood, Cairo to a family of ease and wealth
As a child, he was injured in an accident and as a result, both of his eyes went blind
He joined the book and memorized the NobleQuran and studied his sciences as a child,
where he memorized theQuran at the hands of Sheikh Abu Hashem Al-Shabrawi in the book of
Fatima Umm Al-Ghulam Mosque in Al-Gamaliyah, then his quality
and taking his readings from Sheikh Mabrouk Hassanein, then he studied jurisprudence with
Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Muzni. After that, he became famous
as a great reciter, and he read in the Al-Hussein Mosque, so he was the most famous reciter,
and his stature became the talk of the public and the private.
After that, he studied music at the hands of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Maghrabi, and knew the
forms of composing, playing and memorizing the muwashahat.
He also took the developments of music on Sheikh Othman Al-Mawsili, a Turk,
who benefited from him in learning about Turkish music and its characteristics.
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His life

After all these rich studies, in addition to his golden talent, Sheikh Ali Mahmoud
became one of the most famous figures in Egypt, a reader, vocalist and singer.
He became the main reciter of the Imam Hussein Mosque, and his genius reached
the point where he used to call the Friday call to prayer in Hussein every week
on a musical maqam that he did not repeat until after a year. He also became
Egypt’s first vocalist, who is second to none in developing and innovating methods, melodies and answers.
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 His disciples

One of the most famous geniuses discovered by Sheikh Ali Mahmoud
The giant reciter Sheikh Muhammad Rifaat, whom Sheikh Ali listened to once in 1918 CE
, read and prophesied to him a brilliant future and cried when he learned that he was blind.
The genius Sheikh Taha Al-Fashni, who was a member of Sheikh Ali’s entourage, benefited
from his great experience, until he became the master of the art of singing after Sheikh Ali Mahmoud
Sheikh Kamel Youssef Al-Bahimi, the well-known reciter and vocalist.
and also Sheikh Mohammed al-Fayoumi, and was one of the members of his entourage.
Sheikh Abdel Samie Bayoumi was also a member of his entourage.
Imam of the composers Sheikh Zakaria Ahmed, who was a member
of his entourage, and Sheikh Ali predicted him a brilliant future in
the world of music and God extended the life of Sheikh Ali until his student
witnessed the master of the composers of his time. Musician Mohamed Abdel
Wahab has learned a lot from the arts of music. The Lady of Arabic Singing, Umm Kulthum, the singer Asmaha
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His death

Sheikh Ali Mahmoud passed away next to his Lord on the twenty-first of December 1946 AD,
leaving a large number of recordings that are considered masterpieces of art.
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