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 Learn Quran Online with Sheikh Mohamed Al Saifi 

If you want to learn Quran Online well,

you must listen to the Quran and one of the greatest sheikhs in Egypt is the reciter Sheikh Mohamed Al Saifi

who is he

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Saifi (1885 – September 25, 1955) was an Egyptian Quran reader and one of the prominent figures in this field.

He was born in the village of Al-Barada’a, Qalyubia Governorate. He was one of the first to recite the Quran on the Egyptian radio with its establishment in 1934 AD.

He memorized the Quran, mastered the readings andwas considered an argument in them, and obtained the universality of Al-Azhar.

He read on the radio since her early years, and he was a reader of the Lady Fatima Prophet’s Mosque in Cairo, then in 1946 he moved to the Imam Hussein Mosque, succeeding Sheikh Ali Mahmoud.

His birth and upbringing

In the year 1885 AD, Sheikh (Mohammed al-Saifi) was born in the village of Al-Baradea in the Qalyubia governorate and memorized the

Noble َQuran at the hands of Sheikh (Abdo Hussein), then he moved to Cairo in 1904 AD and learned the readings at the hands of

Sheikh (Abdul Aziz Al-Sahar). In 1910, he graduated from the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Al-Azhar University.

His life

He lived in the Abbasid neighborhood, and began his life as a Quran reader at the Fatima Al-Nabawi Mosque in Abbasiya.

In the early twenties, his fame spread, and he was one of the first to read the Noble َQuran on radio in May 1934.

Sheikh (Mohammed Al-Saifi) participated in the revival of the funeral of the national leader (Saad Zagloul). A record of foreign radio stations, including: Voice of London, Berlin, and Moscow.

The honorable Sheikh was called the knowledgeable reader, and expert in readings, because he was in agreement with the Islamic religion, the language of the Noble َQuran, and its ten major readings. He was once asked about the most beloved voices to his heart? He said: Sheikh (Muhammad Refaat) is a talent from heaven, and Sheikh (Ali Mahmoud) has revolutionized and developed in the art of recitation and praise, and Sheikh (Abdul-Azeem Zaher) is the weeping voice that reaches the hearts directly.. Then he said: The required recitation must be shared by the tongue. The mind and the heart. The great lawyer (Makram Obaid) was keen to hear Sheikh (Muhammad Al-Saifi) and mentioned that he learned the Holy َQuran with its correct rulings at the hands of the Sheikh of reading (Muhammad Al-Saifi). And not many know that the film director (Hussein Al-Saifi) is the son of the Galilee Sheikh (Mohamed Al-Saifi

His death

His death in 1956 AD, the clock announced the departure of Sheikh (Muhammad Al-Saifi) to the afterlife.

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  • nabeel naeem

    73 – Returning to the spending’s matter Almighty Allah enjoined us in His dear Book, saying : “O you have believed , spend from the good things which you have earned and from that which we have produced for you from the earth. And do not aim toward the defective therefrom ,spending [ from that ] , while you would not take it [yourself ] except with closed eyes .

  • salman waqas

    54 – Allah be Exalted and Glorified advises His Messenger [PBUH] about the way of spending, where He says , “ and do not make your hand [as] chained to your neck or extend it completely and [thereby ] become blamed and insolvent . so spending sparingly , rather than totally extending a hand or handcuffing it .

  • faisal kamran

    77 – Allah be Exalted and Glorified ] mentions in His dear Book for those who stick firmly with it in addition establishing salah [prayer ] that He will reward them as He says , “ And Those who hold fast to the Book and establish prayer – Indeed , we will not allow to be lost the reward of the reformers .

  • abdullah waqas

    56 – Allah be EXalted and Glorified advises us not to come close concerning illegal lovemaking inasmuch the sickly endings that adultery lead to , therefore the command has come immediately from Almighty Allah who says, “ And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse . Indeed it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way.

  • salman yasir

    75- Allah be Exalted and Glorified again states for us regarding showing as -sadaqat[ the handouts] and the best way of giving them, He says ,” If you disclose your charitable expenditures , they are good m but if you conceal then and give them to the poor , it is better for you ..He will remove from yo some of your misdeeds [thereby], And Allah with what you do is [fully acquainted ].

  • arsalan kashif

    coming to talk about fighting which Almighty Allah has decreed upon Muslim in the Holy Quran actually it was real tough trial by Allah be Exalted and Glorified to His Messenger [PBUH] and his companions of those critical condiotions which Experienced them the prophet [PBUH] and اhis dear companions butt hey never gave up , never got weak for the cause and sake of Allah .

  • shahzaib kashif

    For the Noble Quran is the honoured book of Allah , it is always indispensable for us , because it guides us to the straight path and opens the gates of Allah’s mercy which allows all those who truly believe in Allah and fear Him as He should be feared through absolute compliance to His commands .

  • imran daniyal

    The Noble Quran ‘s significance manifests distinctly in the accurate likening of the disbelievers’ deeds with the wind, Allah says ,”The example of those who disbelieve in their Lord is [that] their deeds are like ashes which the winds blows forcefully on a stormy day they are unable [to keep] from what they earned [single] thing. That is what is extreme error .

  • ashar imran

    In completion of treatment parents Almighty Allah says , “ Whether one or both of them reach old age [while ] with you ,say not to them [ so much as ] .’Uff’ and do not repel them and say to them a noble word.” so the Holy Quran guides us to have a heart to our parents throughout times and make them delighted .