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 Learn Quran Online with Sheikh Ragheb Mustafa Ghaloush

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If you want to learn Quran Online well,
you must listen to the Quran and one of the greatest sheikhs in Egypt is the reciter
Sheikh Ragheb Mustafa Ghaloush

Who is he

Sheikh Ragheb Mustafa Ghallush (July 5, 1938 – February 4, 2016) was an Egyptian
Quran reader and one of the prominent figures in this field.
He was born in the village of Barma, Tanta Markaz, Gharbia Governorate.

His birth and upbringing

He was born on July 5, 1938 AD in the village of Barma, the center of Tanta,
Gharbia Governorate.
His father wanted him to enroll him in basic education so that he would be a senior official,
and the schools were many in the village,
and the demand for them was noticeable and tangible, and people at that time
were interested in memorizing the َQuran for their children to be scholars in Al-Azhar,
because the word “scientist” in their view is only applied to a cleric, especially the imam
of the mosque.
The one who delivers the Friday sermon, and one of the relatives advised
his father to take his son Ragheb and hand him over to one of the memorized sheikhs
in order for him to memorize the Quran.
The village, especially the conservatives and keepers.
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His life

At the age of fourteen, he became famous in the neighboring villages
until he reached the city of Tanta, the stronghold of scholars, and invitations came to him from
the villages and cities near his village in the month of Ramadan in 1953 in the village of
Al – Qasab in the Kafr El – Sheikh governorate.
He was 15 years old, and the task was very difficult in the beginning.
How can he occupy a prestigious position in the midst of an atmosphere teeming
with fierce rivalries between geniuses
who rose to the throne of recitation in this spot in the middle of the Delta and Lower Egypt,
especially the Gharbia Governorate, in which Sheikh Ragheb grew up in the presence
of two giants,
the first, Sheikh Mustafa Ismail, and the second Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al – Hosari,
and each of them grew up in one of the The villages of Tanta, one of which is the village
of Barma, the origin of Sheikh Ragheb.
The young reader and the ambitious boy did not care about what he hears and sees
of the fierce competition,
so Sheikh Ragheb had to look for the factors that would help him stand on solid ground
and solid bases through
quran online

Sheikh Ragheb Mustafa Ghaloush

which he could respond to an invitation he might come across.
In it one of these people realized that glory is not accepted on its own, rather the student
must strive for it with effort, perseverance and perseverance.
So Sheikh Ragheb searched for a solid sheikh in the sciences of the Quran to receive on him
the science of tajweed and readings,
so he turned to the Qiblah of the Most High.
He graduated from the Quranic studies in the city of Tanna,
and also joined the Qira’at Institute in the Ahmadi Mosque, and was sponsored by
Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Tablihi.
Sheikh Ragheb says: “I was able to make the presence of Sheikh Mustafa Ismail in
our area a motive and a higher example.
Because I am a reader of the Quran every day in the Ahmadi Mosque, especially between
the afternoon call to prayer and the Iqamah.
Many gathered around me, and by the grace of Allah ,
Also I entered the hearts of many people, and I was invited to stay awake in most villages
of the Gharbia Governorate,
quran online

Sheikh Ragheb Mustafa Ghaloush

and I became acquainted with the neighboring governorates,
which made me fully trust myself with effort, sweat, patience, and great concern for
the Quran and its recitation with piety and commitment “.
The young reader, Ragheb Mustafa Ghallush, was able to make him glory while he
was young before he turned eighteen
until the right to defend the homeland came and he asked for conscription and to
perform military service, which is necessary.
He applied for conscription in 1958, when he was twenty years old.
And since I joined the Central Security Forces for studies, I would always go to
the Imam Hussein Mosque
on his behalf to pray and look forward to reading even one verse in the largest
and most famous mosques in Egypt and Cairo. Ali the late Sheikh of the mosque,
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Egyptian radio

In the Imam Hussein Mosque, I began to go to what I was dreaming of.
I got acquainted with senior officials in the state and I got close to them and they encouraged
me to read in front of the masses and they were a reason to remove fear from myself, and
they were a strong reason in many of the invitations that were sent to me to celebrate many
funerals in Cairo in which I accompanied famous readers on the radio Such
as Sheikh Mustafa Ismail,
Also Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hosari and other famous readers.
Among the pioneers of the Husseini Mosque was Professor Muhammad Amin Hammad, director of the Egyptian radio at the time.
The attendees said to him, “Professor, give Ragheb a card so that he can enter the radio
to submit an application for enrollment as a radio reader. He actually gave me the card and said,
“You will meet me tomorrow in my office in the radio building in Al-Sharif.”
I went to the Imam Hussein Mosque.
I found Sheikh Helmy Arafa, accompanied by Major General Salah Al-Alfi
and Major General Muhammad
quran online

Sheikh Ragheb Mustafa Ghaloush

Al-Shamma, and the three agreed to go with me to meet the director of the radio station,
who was well received by their company, and I wrote the request with my address in the country,
and a letter came to me with the date of the exam as a reader on the Egyptian radio, a month before
I left the service. According to the appointment, I went to the radio to be tested in front of the committee,
and I found about 160 readers there. They said to me: Are you among the guards? Because I was wearing a military uniform –
so I said, “I am a colleague of yours and I have an exam like you.” Some of them said, “We pray to God for you to succeed.
” Then the employee called me in my scheduled role. , Sheikh Sanusi, and Dr. Abdullah Madi.
And the Committee of sound composed of Mr. Mahmoud Hassan Ismail, known poet and Professor
Hosni Iron Radio Qadeer and Mr. Mohamed Hassan Alhjai,
Dr. Abu Zahra and they said to me: read from saying Come:
{whosoever has ten-fold and came as bad not rewarded, but like they will not be wronged (160)
Say I am my Lord guided me to the straight path we have a valuable religion of Abraham, the upright and was idolaters (161)
Say my prayer and my sacrifice and my life and death to Allah, the Lord of the worlds (162)} cattle.
I was successful, thanks to God, and the members of the committee praised me and advised me to preserve my voice.
quran online

Sheikh Ragheb Mustafa Ghaloush

I asked them about the content of the answer and what the members of the committee decided.
The Sheikh of the institute told me, “O Ragheb,” you have won the admiration of all the members of the committee,
and the decision clarifies that, and your grades are high in memorization, intonation and judgments, and you will enter filtering to conduct audio only.
I went to the Broadcasting House in Al-Sharif and saw the result.
And I was surprised that
Also I was among the seven successful readers out of one hundred and sixty readers, and we were filtered for the test in the sound,
so I was overj
I gained boundless self-confidence because I crossed three-quarters of the distance on
the way to the radio station and came very close to entering a group of famous radio readers,
and they were all notable, famous and high-profile people, such as Sheikh Mustafa Ismail,
Sheikh Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi, Sheikh Taha Al-Fashni, and Sheikh Abdul Azim Zaher ,
and Sheikh Kamel Yusuf Al-Bahimi, Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, Sheikh Mahmoud
Ali Al-Banna and other stallions of the reciters of different schools.. Less than a month later,
I entered the liquidation test and success was my ally by the grace of God.
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Sheikh Ragheb Mustafa Ghaloush

And also I was confident in myself and the dread had vanished.
I forgot that I was in front of an exam committee. 
also I presented all my efforts and capabilities with great care for the rulings.
Also The members of the committee forgot that they are testing a reader,
so they left me reading for a long time.
I felt that they were listening to the َQuran with approval and admiration for
my voice and perfo
Quran online

His death

He died on February 4, 2016 after an illness that was transferred to a hospital at the
age of 77 years
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