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Islam is the religion of Allah It is the right faith.
Muslims believe that Allah is One, without a wife or a son, as He doesn’t need any.
Muslims exceed a billion people in number.
Islam has given the full freedom to all people to believe or not to believe.
However, it is the duty of enlightened Muslims to promote their religion
and give the non-Muslims a true and honest idea about their faith. Recently, 
there has been no less important duty, Muslims are requested to withstand,
tolerate and endure the insults and misunderstandings and even the prejudice
of some non-Muslims.
This is simply because the religion of Islam is the religion of tolerance,
and Islam itself asks Muslims to do so.
Also, Muslims know very well that they have been guided to the right faith and the right way. 
Here also rises a very important question.
Should Muslims focus on persuading more non- Muslims to embrace Islam,
or rather focus on improving the faith and the status of Muslims themselves?
It is very clear that Muslims mainly live in unfavourable conditions,
circumstances and countries.
The majority of immigrants and desettled people in the world are Muslims.
also The majority of poor people are Muslims.
The majority of war victims are Muslims.
So the image of Muslims and Islam don’t encourage the others to embrace Islam
because Muslims don’t reflect a very good image about their religion, civilization
and even their contemporary lifestyle.
So it is a matter of great importance for Muslims to achieve a considerable degree
of progress in their lives and make a greater contribution to the human twenty-first century civilization.
Then, they can call others to embrace their marvellous religion of Islam
…. learn Quran online

Learn Quran online MOSTAFA SHAHID DAVIS birth and life

Born in Mountain View, California, A graduate of the  New York Academy for Films
and a filmmaker winning awards, Embraced Islam in 1996.
A  film director and a producer, and a trainer in Video production.

Journey to Islam

His journey to Islam began since birth
Also His father was a black American, his mother was German
A non-Muslim friend talked to him about Isla
His younger and vulgar days were hard, kicked out of the high school into
the streets He wanted to improve his life by resorting to religion, Cathelothism
He also rejected Islam as shown as a terrorist religion by the media
A book by  Martin Lings about prophet Mohammad in 1996
Then he picked Yusuf Ali’s translation of the Quran , reading surah Maryam in the store
Surah Maryam answered all his questions about Jesus and the trinity, etc
A Senigalese friend talked to him about Islam, inviting him to the Mosque
where he embraced Islam on Friday
While saying the Shahada he felt elevated, getting rid of his previous burd

HIS FAMILY… learn Quran online

His family welcomed his conversion, later becoming Muslims themselves.
He Also quitted his past life, and lived in the desert of Mauritania
for six months with a Mauritanian friend.
And He is still searching for knowledge  of himself.
He is working on documentaries about racism and conversion to Islam

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