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Learn the Quran to learn what is Islam?… learn Quran online

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What should we Muslims do ?… learn Quran online

We Muslims have a good and useful bright commodity… learn Quran online

We may have to learn from her how to be good presenters

Islam drives itself with the permission of Allah

so We must have the morals of Islam when we invite it to

Have faith and patience

All people are thirsty for Islam

Who will shape their lives and trust them

We must speak out in the call to Islam

We are adorned with his morals, which are good morals

Do not insult non-Muslims

And shop for Islam and call to it well

Islam is a message from Allah

A religion that commands all people to follow it

All we have to do is report…learn Quran online

Jay kumar Patel … learn Quran online

Born in 1966 

in Nairobi, Kenya .

and Got a university degree in computer engineering.

and Owns a commercial shop.   

Coming from a Hindu family, he was anti-Islam.

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Journey to Islam

Because His wife, a Benghali Muslim told him to be a Muslim, which he rejected, took him to some Muslims who never attacked his Hindu religion.

but He didn’t want to embrace only for marrying a Muslim woman. He wanted to be convinced, however he was still interested in Islam.

so when He prayed to Allah to give him a sign. He had a dream, from which he remembered the number ten, which he interpreted as the ten commandments of Moses.

He went to his brother-in-law, who asked him to give his shahada, which he did, feeling much relief and enlightenment.

 and He is Embraced Islam in 2004. …learn Quran online

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What did he find on his way to Islam?

His family didn’t make much ado about his embracing Islam.

and Another Hindu friend embraced Islam only three days before him and, funny enough, that friend married his wife’s sister.

He said  Zaker Naike’s style is better than that of Ahmad Dedit, as the latter mocks other people’s faith. 

The first only presents Islam without hurting other people’s feelings. … learn Quran online

A true Muslim doesn’t belittle other people, whoever they are.

and He has a large circle of friends and aquaintances of Muslims, even the Hindu friends accept him being a Muslim.

Allah has made it easy for him being a Muslim as he convrted to Islam only for the sake of Allah. 

So he knows for sure that Islam is the right religion… Learn Quran online

Author: aburuqayyah
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