Lessons of The Isra and Miraj Journey

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The journey of al-Isra and al-Miraj is an important incident in al-Sera and the Islamic history. There are a lot of lessons to learn from that journey. 

The significance of Al-Isra and Al-Miraj:

There are many lessons in the journey of al-Isra and al-Miraj. Al-Isra and al-Miraj was a really significant incident in the history of Islam. It was a decisive point in Islam. A lot of people doubted the possibility of the occurrence of this miracle. It showed the true believers and the skeptic people. When Quraish heard that prophet Mohammad claimed that he had made that journey, they rushed to Abu Bakr. They told him what had happened. They hoped that Abu Bakr’s belief in prophet Mohammad would be shaken. However, Abu Bakr disappointed them through his unshakeable strong faith and belief in Allah, Islam and prophet Mohammad. He simply said that if prophet Mohammad had told them about that miraculous journey, then prophet Mohammad had told them the truth. Therefore, Abu Bakr was called al-Siddiq ever since.


Lessons taught from Al-Isra and Al-Miraj:

Muslims learn a lot of lessons from the journey of al-Isra and al-Miraj. Isra and al-Miraj give us a lot of lessons to learn. First, Allah supported prophet Mohammad spiritually and psychologically. Prophet Mohammad had been facing really hard times, especially after the journey to al-Taif. At that time, Quraish prevented prophet Mohammad from entering Makkah and the Holy Mosque. It was only when al-Mutam ibn Adi was the prophet’s custodian. Thrfore, Quraish reluctantly allowed prophet Mohammad into Makkah. Second, Abu Bakr believed what prophet Mohammad had said. This shows us how deep the friendship and trust between prophet Mohammad and Abu Bakr was. Third, prayer was prescribed obligatory during this journey. This shows us how important prayer is in the life of Muslims. Initially, prayers were fifty a day. It is said that prophet Mousa asked prophet Mohamad about it. prophet Mousa advised prophet Mohammad to ask Allah to make it fewer. Allah reduced the number to only five prayers a day. Therefore, they are five in number, and fifty in reward.

Lessons of The Isra and Miraj Journey

The divine message to prophet Mohammad :

Allah saw what was happening to prophet Mohammad. Al-Isra and al-Miraj provides Muslims with a lot of lessons to learn. The message behind the journey of al-Isra and al-Miraj was that: If the whole world can’t be large enough to contain you, Mohammad, let the vast heavens host and honor you. Moreover, prophet Mohammad was deeply sad after the death of lady Khadija who was the most supporting and most generous person who comforted prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad missed the kindness and affection of Khadija which he badly needed. Likewise, prophet Mohammad missed another source of support with the death of his uncle Abu Talib.

Abu Talib,the external front :

Although Abu Talib didn’t embrace Islam himself, he went on protecting prophet Mohammad. Abu Talib refused to embrace Islam, maybe he was too ashamed of Quraish to convert to Islam. However, he was a real support to prophet Mohammad. Therefore prophet Mohammad called the year when he lost both Khadija and Abu Talib the Year of Grief.

Al-Isra and Al-Miraj ,a good test :

Lessons of The Isra and Miraj Journey

Allah tests humans. Good and evil are tests. The objective and the aim of creation is to test the creatures of allah. Life itself is a test. al-isra and al-miraj was a real test for both the believers and the disbelievers. The journey to Jerusalem took about two onths to and fro. abu bakr was a merchant himself and frequently made tha journey. However, he didn’t hesitate to believe prophet Mohammed when the quraish said that prophet mohammad claimed to have made the journey over one night, or even during a part of one night. Therefore, Abu Bakr deserved the title of al-siddiq.

The Journey as a support to prophet Mohammad:

 The journey of al-Isra and al-Miraj teaches Muslims a lot of lessons. The following day  of the journey, prophet mohammad described things clearly. Quraish couldn’t accuse prophet mohammad of being a liar. the scenes which prophet mohammad saw about the joy of the good people were so vivacious that they were very impressive. similarly, the scenes which depicted the torture of the blasphemers were so accurate that the followers of prophet mohammad rejoiced with their faith and belief. they gave them hope of surviving the torture. also such scenes made the believers endure the hardships which they were facing.


The importance of prayers in a Muslim's life :

Prayer is the most important pillar of islam. no Muslim can be considered as such without committing to performing their daily five obligatory prayers. Therefore, the daily five obligatory prayers were prescribed for muslims during the journey of al-Isra and al-Miraj. In addition, the journey of al-Isra and al-Miraj stressed the importance of both the holy mosque in Makkah as well as the Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. Therefore, along with the prophet’s mosque in Madinah, those two mosques have a special significance in Islam. a Muslim should only make a special journey to visit those three mosques. The reward which a Muslim attains for praying in each of them is considerably more than the reward which a Muslim gets for praying in mosques elsewhere.

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