Syllabus Introduction

* Eaalim Syllabus is distinguished as it’s an interactive and helps for many things
1) The self-education (self-learning) that the teacher in this program (syllabus) plays the role of the guide and revises the exercises with the student and in this case the student can study by him / herself.
2) This Syllabus helps the student learn without boring as it’s renewable from question to another, and the exercises questions are various professionally.
3) And the student then feels to what extend he reached during his study to this program so there are a lot of tests through it so as to learn from his mistakes.
4) After finishing the program, the student can read any verse from the Quran even if it’s the first time to see.
4-aftar finishing the program, the student can read any verse from the Quran even if it is the first time to see
5-the curriculum is setting up in details for the Arab syllables and sounds that help the student
6-the division of the curriculum helps the student to divide the learning period that the program is divided in to (units, chapters and lessons    )
7-this item is considered as a knowledge bank that let the student take what is suitable for his/her level and for his/her character.
8) As for the teachers, they can set up a Syllabus for a specific student, As known in this field is the students are in different levels in this field.
9) The Syllabus is distinguished in harmony and simply to deal with, that allow the student can deal with it according to his / her nationality and his / her level.

* The Contents of the Syllabus.
* The Syllabus includes, Chapters and lessons.
1) The 1st unit consists of letters names and heir shapes.
2) The 2nd unit includes the opening mouth (AL Fateha).
3) The 3rd unit is ( kassrah ) means the low position of the mouth and applications on both opening and low mouth .
4) The 4th unit is the circular mouth ( Dammah ) with applicating on the three movements of mouth .
5) The 5th unit the consonant.
6) The 6th unit is (The stress) .
7) The 7th unit ( Tanween ) is the nasal stress with the Arabic letter (  ( ن including the three movements at the end of the word including the three movements.
8) The extension letters (lengthen) letters.
9) The difference between the Arabic and ottoman hand writing.
10) under every video there are questions that related to it and the student must answer them .