Memorize Quran 2 “build a nation”

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 what is the core of the islamic civilization?

Hifz ul Quran

Civilization is the materialistic representation of a certain culture. So, civilization is the tangible side and aspect of a given civilization. The Muslim civilization began to be built. This was manifest in the buildings the Muslims built all over the Muslim countries. Now that the Holy Quran is the center and the core of the Islamic culture and the Hifz ul Quran (Memorize quran) was the cornerstone of building the Muslim civilization. you can read more about Memorize Quran on: Memorize Quran “quran online”

      The Holy Quran in architecture and decoration To write the Holy Quran, calligraphers  

       needed Hifz ul Quran. To set up buildings and builders needed Hifz ul Quran. To decorate buildings, builders, architects and artists needed Hifz ul Quran. So, anyone who wanted a good career needed to memorize the Holy Quran. Islam encourages Muslims to build mosques. Mosques had institutes to help Muslims do Hifz ul Quran. Teachers were everywhere to help juniors do Hifz ul Quran. Wealthy families had tutors help their children with the Hifz ul Quran. In good times, Muslims were keen on the Hifz ul Quran as a way of worship and showing gratitude to Allah. In bad times, Muslims were even more keen on Hifz ul Quran as a way of salvation and conserving their culture. and you can read mor about Hifz ul quran on wikipedia.

       The Holy Quran teachers, tutors and students

           Teachers and tutors who helped children with the Hifz ul Quran were of a high rank in society such as our institute Eaalim. As a result Hifz ul quran the Children who could do  Hifz ul Quran gained  great respect in their families. So That’s why everyone was eager to do the Hifz ul Quran. So, whoever wanted a worldly benefit had to do Hifz ul  Quran. Who wanted a great reward on the day of Judgment had to do Hifz ul Quran. Who wanted both worldly benefit and the reward of Allah on the Day of Judgment had to be keen on  Hifz ul Quran.

      The Muslims’ responsibility towards the Holy Quran

Hifz ul Quran

          It is obvious enough, Muslims like to do Hifz ul Quran. Muslims consider it their responsibility to complete the Hifz ul Quran. Muslims complete with each other in the Hifz ul Quran. In addition to the Hifz ul Quran, students study many things. These branches of knowledge help students with the Hifz ul Quran better. For Hifz ul Quran well, students need to have a deep understanding of the meanings of the verses or ayats they study in Hifz ul Quran. To read more about Hifz ul Quran(memorize Quran) you can see that on: Memorize Quran 3 “quran online “.

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