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What has modern technology added to the Hifz ul Quran?

   Hifz ul Quran nowadays

The recent age is the age of technology. Technology never stops.Technology develops almost every day. The invention of tape recording was a great step forward to help Muslims Hifz ul Quran. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, many great Quran reciters have recorded the whole text of the Holy Quran.
Such great veterans could complete the Hifz ul Quran when they were very young children. This encouraged even more juniors to do Hifz ul Quran. There was a renaissance in the Hifz ul Quran as a result. They have also evolved “schools” of recitation. The most notable of which has always been the “Egyptian” school of recitation. Such great masters of recitation provided samples and examples of performance which helped learners with Hifz ul Quran. Festivals inside and outside mosques were good events and occasions for those who could complete the Hifz ul Quran to display their skills and knowledge.

   The internet and Hifz ul Quran:

   Furthermore, ordinary Muslims still wanted to do the Hifz ul Quran. The invention of the internet was a further helping and auxiliary factor which made it easy to do Hifz ul Quran. Muslims in non-Muslim countries have had their need for the Hifz ul Quran.
Out of such an urgent need and necessity, the idea of online teaching how to do Hifz ul Quran has come into existence. A lot of online firms, companies and institutes working in the field of Hifz ul Quran, are competing to render the best services to Muslim students worldwide.
This helps students a lot with the Hifz ul Quran. One such energetic, ambitious and enthusiastic institute in the field of the Hifz ul Quran, which helps students with Hifz ul Quran is E-aalim. E-aalim doesn’t only help their students with the Hifz ul Quran, but they also have their applications and programs which help students with the  Hifz ul Quran. The application is very effective and useful when you want to complete the Hifz ul Quran.

     The effort of E-aalim in the field of Hifz ul Quran:

   The E-aalim is an institute which works in the field of Hifz ul Quran. In addition to their expert Azhar graduate teachers of Hifz ul Quran, the institute has its own applications and programs which make Hifz ul Quran easier. With their application “Memorize Quran”, Hifz ul Quran has become fun.

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