memorize saurah Alfatiha online “learn quran online”

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how can you memorize the first and second Ayah ?

first step:

listen to Aya number one and two for ten times by this link”

the second step:

3- third step: answer these interactive these quizes

fourth step:

record these two aya by your voice via your mobile and send it to us 

quranic words

Eaalim Institute was founded in Egypt (in 2012)Eaalim Institute provides online courses to non-native Arabic speakers all over the world, through availing experienced native Arabic speakers instructors.

learn quran online

How to learn quran online ?

1- listen to the second Ayah on ten-time just click here to listen
2- understand the meaning
3- answer the question this game
4- answer the interactive these quizzes
5- record this Ayah by your voice via your mobile and send it to us

Author: aburuqayyah
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