Mohammad,the good employee

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 This blog is going to talk about Mohammad, the good employee. as a youngman, prophet mohammad worked for Khadijah. In their Islamic studies lessons for kids, kids learn that Makkah was a commercial society. They made a living through trade. Historically, Makkah lay on the Silk Road. The best Quran and Islamic studies teachers teach their kid students that this road transported goods between India and China on the one hand and Europe and the west on the other. However, Makkah was interested only in conducting trade with Syria in the summer and Yemen in winter. This way young man mohammad was introduced into the commercial society of makkah as a good employee.

Mohammad, the good employee

Prophet Mohammad takes up another job:

Gradually, prophet Mohammad developed into a young man. In their Islamic studies lessons for kids, students learn that he established his reputation among the youth of Makkah through his good morals. He distinguished himself by avoiding all the bad morals and manners of his people. His uncle Abu Talib wanted to train him in trade, but Baheera advised him to return back to Makkah with kid Mohammad. However, prophet Mohammad wouldn’t work as a shepherd boy forever. He had to look for another job.

Employed by Khadija:

In their online Islamic studies classes, kids learn that Khadija bint Khuailid was a virtuous widow in Makkah. She was a wealthy businesswoman who did trade. She got into a commercial partnership with a couple of men in Makkah. Khadija was gradually approaching her fortieth year. A lot of men in Makkah wanted to marry her. Many suitors proposed to her for marriage. However, she rejected them all and focused on her trade. She was a complete, mature and perfect lady. On the other hand and at the same time, prophet Mohammad was about twenty-five years old. In the Quran reading websites, kids learn that Khadija asked prophet Mohammad to work for her in her trade.

Mohammad’s second journey to Syria:

Mohammad, the good employee

 Unlike his first trade journey to Syria, prophet Mohammad’s second one was a great success. Prophet Mohammad traveled to Syria with the trade caravan of Khadija. Khadija’s loyal servant, Maysara, accompanied prophet Mohammad during that journey. During the Arabic and Quran lessons, kids learn that on the way to Syria and back, Maysara saw a lot of good things about prophet Mohammad. He also could see how prophet Mohammad could easily win people’s hearts through his perfect character as well as his good morals. When Maysara returned to Khadija in Makkah, he told her how blessed Mohammad was. He also told her about Mohammad’s honesty and truthfulness.

Khadija takes her decision:

The best Quran online teachers teach their kid students that through her wisdom and sound judgment, Khadija watched prophet Mohammad closely. In their Islamic studies and Quran lessons, kid students learn that Lady Khadijah could clearly see that prophet Mohammad was different from the other men of Makkah. He was a perfect youngman. He was evidently handsome. Mohammad was modest. Unlike the others in Makkah, Mohammad was not greedy or wanted to marry Khadija only for her wealth. Khadija finally found the perfect man whom she deserved.

Mohammad-Khadija’s marriage:

The best Quran and Islamic studies teachers teach their kid students that it is the custom of the Arabs that men propose for women in marriage.Women do not propose to men to marry them. However, Khadija wanted Mohammad as her husband. She had a friend called Nafisa. Khadija told Nafisa her heart. Nafisa on her part went to Mohammad and discussed the proposal with him. Mohammad was very happy and asked his uncles’ for advice. Mohammad’s uncles agreed and went to propose to Khadija on Mohammad’s behalf. This way, Khadija’s dignity and reputation was saved. Mohammad and Khadija got happily married.

The great Lady Khadija:

In the Quran and Islamic studies classes, kid students learn that Prophet Mohammad always remembered Khadija and her great favors. First, Khadija was wise and compassionate. Khadija could provide prophet Mohammad with the true love he always sought. Khadija was generous both materially and morally. She gave prophet Mohammad the support he needed badly. The best Quran tutors teach their kid students that Khadija was the first human to believe in Mohammad as a prophet, even before Mohammad realized he was revealed to. It was Khadija who bore Mohammad all his four daughters, Roqayya, Zainab, Umm Kulthum and Fatima. Khadija also bore prophet Mohammad two sons, who died in infancy. Prophet Mohammad always respected Khadija’s memory and honored her friends even after her death.

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