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Definition of the Quran as a language … learn Quran online

The word Quran is, derived from the verb read, meaning to read. any plural and plural, … learn Quran online

It is to say:

I read the thing; It is the Quran; I put it together, put it together,

And the Arabs said:

“I’ve never read this camel.”

What is, meant by what they say is that this she-camel never contained a fetus or a son in her womb.

Imam Abu Ubaidah – may Allah have mercy on him – says:

The name of the Quran was, given to the Book of Allah – the Most High -;

Because it combines the surahs, and includes them to each other.

Allah – the Most High – has made this clear in his book; He said:

(It is incumbent upon us to collect it and recite it).

That is, he joined some of them together, and he – Glory be to Him, the Most High –

said in another verse: (So when you recite the Quran),

That is, if some of its verses are, recited after others;

until it’s, verses come together and join one another,

It is thus similar to the meaning of inclusion, and composition. 

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Defining the Quran idiomatically … learn Quran online

The Noble Quran is the word of Allah Almighty.

revealed to his Prophet Muhammad – may Allah bless him and grant him peace –

pronouncing the word,

also the worshiper reciting it,

so Opening with Surat Al-Fatihah,

And until it ends with Surat An-Nas,

written in the Quran,

And transmitted to us in frequency.

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The meaning of the definition is as follows… learn Quran online

To say that it is the word of Allah – the Most High -;

To distinguish it from all other creatures’ speech, including humans, jinn, and angels.

say it’s home;

A restriction that, brings out the words that Allah – Blessed and Exalted be, He – singled out for his knowledge.

Or He revealed it to His honorable angels to act upon it.

Not for them to pass it on to anyone.

That is because Allah Almighty revealed some of His words to His creation, He took possession of some others, and no one saw him.

so Allah Almighty says:

(Say : “If the sea were, ink for the words of my Lord, the sea would have run out before the words of my Lord were, exhausted, even if We brought the like of it.”

And He, Glory be to Him, the Most High,

also said almighty : (And if only on the earth it was from a tree of pens, and the sea extends after it seven seas).

To say that it was, revealed to our Prophet Muhammad – may Allah bless him and grant him peace -;

It was, brought out by the heavenly books that were, revealed to other prophets;

 Like the Torah revealed to the Prophet of Allah, Moses – peace be upon him.

to say that it is miraculous;

so It was to indicate that it is the eternal miracle by which Allah – the Most High –

gave, victory, His Prophet, Muhammad – may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

 And know the miracle

That it is an extraordinary work, pertaining to the actions of Allah – the Most High -.

He signs it – Glory be to Him, the Most High – at the hands of one of his prophets;

To be proof of the sincerity of his call and his message. What is, meant by what is, transmitted to us by frequency;

so This is, to show that the Noble Quran was, transmitted to us through Gabriel – peace be upon him -.

Then through the Prophet – may Allah bless him and grant him peace –

Then, on the authority of the Companions – may Allah be, pleased with them -,

Until he gathered at the time of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq – may Allah be, pleased with him – by order of him.

Then it was, collected during the era of Othman bin Affan – may Allah be, pleased with him – in one Quran, in one language and dialect.

What is, meant by frequency?

That is to say, he transmitted it, an uncountable large group of them.

so It is logically impossible for their complicity and their gathering to lie.

And that will be on an ongoing basis, constantly recurring until the Day of Resurrection.

This indicates true certainty.

And definitive science.

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The reason for naming the Quran … learn Quran online

so With this, name, the book of Allah – the Most High – was, called the Quran.

Because it includes in its folds stories and news, promises and threats.

commands and prohibitions, as he combines verses and surahs to one another.

Imam Al-Baqillani – may Allah have mercy on him – says:

The Quran comes in the infinitive, as in His saying – the Most High:

(It is incumbent upon us to collect it and recite it).

And it comes in the form of the noun, as in His saying – the Most High -: (And when you recite the Quran, We put between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter a hidden veil),

Imam al-Shafi’i – may Allah have mercy on him – stated that the Quran is a non-derivative term.

Rather, it is, an unconcerned science name given to the Book of Allah – the Most High – such as the Torah and the Gospel.

It was, not taken from the spurious verb I read,

Imam al-Qurtubi – may Allah have mercy on him – says: The Quran, the Torah, and the Bible are all derived from the correct words. 

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The first name given to the book of Allah, the Qurahttps://eaalim.com/quranic-words/n… learn Quran online

It is, the first name given to the Book of Allah – the Most High – and it is the most famous of them.

In its origin, it is synonymous with the meaning of reading.

Then it changed its infinitive meaning

To become a knowledgeable name for the Book of Allah – the Most High – revealed to the Seal of His Prophets and Messengers.

Also, the Quran is, a word derived from the singular verb read, read,

It comes with a meaning; Understand, contemplate, comprehend, trace, learn,

It also comes in the sense of observing or worshiping, and read in the sense of endurance.

the intended meaning; This Quran carried the house,

The evidence for that is His saying – the Most High: (Indeed, we will cast a heavy word on you).

And the Quran is a word that is, derived from an unstressed verb,

which is the verb qarn, which is, taken from the Quran.

Like saying: You associate something with something.

It is, taken from al-Qura – in the broken qaf – meaning generosity and hospitality.

On the authority of Abu Hurairah – may Allah be, pleased with him –

The Prophet peace be upon him-

He said :

(and people who met in the house of Allah, reciting the Book of Allah, and studying them, but I got them quiet, and fainted mercy and the angels, and Allah who has mentioned). 

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  • aryan hammad

    The Noble Quran once more pledges to His Messenger to keep His promise for all His messengers. He says , “ So never think that Allah will fail in His promise to His Messengers . Indeed Allah is Exalted in Might and owner of Retribution,that is going to happen on the Day the earth will be replaced by another earth and the heavens [as well] .

  • rohaan sufian

    Returning to the spending’s matter Almighty Allah enjoined us in His dear Book, saying : “O you have believed , spend from the good things which you have earned and from that which we have produced for you from the earth. And do not aim toward the defective therefrom ,spending [ from that ] , while you would not take it [yourself ] except with closed eyes .

  • amir danish

    The Noble quran still shows us and reviews its significance in our lif guiding and leading our life towards the straight path , Allah be Exalted and Glorified enjoin us to give mensuration when we measure ,It says, “ and give full measure when you measure and weigh with an even balance . That is the best[ wy] and best result .

  • shahbaz sufian

    Almighty Allah enjoins through His dear Book our prophet [PBUH] to take the disbelievers and the ignorant with remission and enjoin with the tradition to show the tolerance and leniency of Islam . Allah be Exalted and Glorified says ,” Take what is given freely , enjoin what is good , and turn away from the ignorant .”

  • ridwan rashid

    Whenever we commit to reciting the Noble Quran and comprehending it, our life will be free from all troubles and the severe circumstances which might undermine the stability of our Islamic society and spread a sublime sense of the religion of truth to maintain the desired ends.

  • atif zain

    Continuing for the disbelievers’ disobedience and obstination the Holy Quran says , they say “or you make the heaven fall upon us in fragments as you have claimed or you bring Allah and the angels before [us] or you have a house of gold n or you ascend into the sky .”

  • huzaifa adeel

    Almighty Allah also tells His Messenger Moses with His Oneness too, saying ,”Indeed , Iam Allah . there is no deity except Me , so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance .”

  • sufian nadeem

    Allah be Exalted and Glorified tells His prophet [PBUH] with His Oneness , saying, “ Allah – there is no deity except Him ,To him belong the best names .”

  • abdullah meerab

    we are still sailing with the luminous revelation , here we read the continuation of conversation between Almighty Allah and the damned creature[Iblees] ,[Do you see this one whom you have honoured above me ?, If you delay me until the Day of Resurrection ,I will surely destroy his descendants except for a few.” Go for whoever of them follows you ,indeed Hell will be the recompense of you – an ample recompense .

  • arsalan mohsin

    Almighty Allah tells His Messenger [ PBUH] regarding the wrong doers saying , And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do . He only delays them for a day when eyes will stare [in horror]. truly Allah is unmindful of what they do but lead them progressively into their fateful disteny ..

  • asim usama

    Here lies the importance of the Noble Quran once more in describing the believers who set a good example in terms of discipline and punctuality upon establishing the prayer and spending. It says , “ those are the believers , truly for them are degrees [of high position ]with their Lord and forgiveness and noble provision . They are truly believers because they have obeyed Allah and did good deeds .

  • anas ayyan

    Back to dealing with the relative, the poor and the traveller , Almighty Allah says,” And if you[ must] turn away from the needy awaiting mercy from your Lord which you expect , then speak to them a gentle word . Allah ordered His Messenger to do so , for the Islamic religion has come to be a religion of compassion .

  • abbas abbas

    The Holy Quran states clearly about spending funds of Muslims seeking satisfaction of Almighty Allah telling the prophet [PBUH] , They ask you {O Muhammad ], What should they spend . Say ,”Whatever you spend of good is [to be ] for parents and relatives and orphans and the needy and the traveller – and whatever you do of good , Allah is knowing of it .”

  • maaz zohaib

    The Holy Quran tells us who is the most knowledgeable of all that is in the heavens and the earth ,Hie preference some prophets over other prophets, as He says in his dear book,” And your Lord is most knowing of whoever in the heavens and the earth , And we have made of the prophets exceed others[in various ways ] ,and to David we gave the book [of Psalms ]..

  • usman aryan

    The Noble Quran is the only way to lead a lovely life for all Muslims because it forms strong relationships between Allah the Almighty and His servants .

  • aqib irfan

    Allah be Exalted and Glorified ] mentions in His dear Book for those who stick firmly with it in addition establishing salah [prayer ] that He will reward them as He says , “ And Those who hold fast to the Book and establish prayer – Indeed , we will not allow to be lost the reward of the reformers .