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The Strongest Support To Islam

Omar ibn al-Khattab’s full name is ibn al-Khatab al-Qurashi al-Adawi. He was very important for Islam and Muslims. The prophet asked Allah to guide ibn al-Khattab to Islam. Therefore, Ibn al-Khattab embraced Islam in Dhul – the year 6 after the first revelation. He was a youngman when he embraced islam. He was 26 when he embraced Islam. Quraish saw his reversion a blow to their prestige. Islam got stronger with Omar who added strength and more support to Islam. Moreover, His migration led to the victory of Islam. In addition, Ibn al-Khattab’s caliphate was a great blessing to Muslims. Muslims could pray publicly after his reversion.

Omar, promised to be admitted into paradise:

Prophet Mohammad gave Omar good news.
The prophet said that Allah built Omar a palace in paradise. prophet mohammad added that Satan would avoid meeting Omar. happy at omar’s revision to islam, prophet Mohammad called al-Farook. it means the one who distinguishes between wrong and right. omar was courageous and daring in islam. Omar asked that muslims should practice their faith in public. The military effort of Omar for islam was great. He fought in all the prophet’s battles. Truly, Omar ibn al-khattab’s reversion was a victory for islam and muslims. Often the holy Quran supported Omar’s point of view concerning a lot of issues.

Omar Ibn Al-Khattab

The man of state and the first assassination

Khalifa Omar rendered great services for islam as well as the emerging islamic state. Ibn al-Khattab set the rules for the muslim civil state and institutions. The  Khalifa ruled after Abu Bakr and defeated the Persian and the Roman empires. Moreover, Abu Hafs spread Islam from Iraq to Egypt and Arabia. Al-Farouk ruled the Muslim state for ten and half years. Ibn Al-Khattab was a true scholar of islam. he depended on his understanding of the holy quran and the prophet’s sunnah a lot. Al-Farouk is known for knowledge of the Quran and the prophet’s Sunnah. In addition, Abu Hafs narrated 530 hadith from the prophet.

Omar, The Servant Of Islam

Khalifa Omar laid the foundations of the new organized government. Ibn al-Khattab established the public treasury & offices of accounts in the Muslim state. The Khalifa initiated the Islamic calendar with the Hijrah incident. Al-Farouk guiding principles were justice, simplicity and duty. His leading administrative features were impartiality and devotion. Khalifa He never lost the balance of wise judgment. Abu Hafs was always dressed in simple attire because he was an ascetic person. Ibn al-Khattab was fair, just, strict and kind hearted.
Despite his justice and good rule, The just Khalifa met a tragic end. The fair Khalifa was assassinated. Abu lu’lu’ah, the Persian stabbed him. He asked to be buried in the prophet’s chamber. Omar died aged sixty-one in the year twenty-three after the prophet’s migration to al-Madina.

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