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   Why Quran online classes for kids?

 A wise poet (Shakespeare) once said: “ The child is the father of man.” This is very significant. What he meant by this controversial wise saying is that our childhood inevitably affects the way our characters develop throughout the next stages of our lives. If you are what you eat, so your character is what you learn and read.

   How should a Muslim parent bring up their children?

  Child rearing and upbringing is almost the most important challenge a parent, especially a Muslim parent, faces nowadays. To add more salt to injury, such a Muslim parent may be living in a non-Muslim society; like the case of Muslims living in western societies. Such parents are keen on linking their own children, who constitute the second and the third or fourth generations of Muslims in these societies. Those parents might often wonder: “How can I maintain my child’s faith and original Islamic culture?” The answer and solution to such a crisis and dilemma is fairly very simple. Online Quran classes for kids. Using modern technology has increased especially after the Coronavirus pandemic. People began to rely on online learning. Muslims ,in particular, have made use of this trend by teaching the Holy Quran online.

The trend of online classes for kids:

 Many institutes are currently working in the field of online quran learning for kids. These institutes compete in the scope of online quran classes for kids. They render valuable services to both Muslim juniors as well as the Holy Quran. The online quran classes are really useful. They attract an increasing number of junior students worldwide. Students know a lot about the Holy Quran. Muslim juniors learn about their Islamic culture. Students memorize surahs from the Holy Quran in online quran classes for kids. The effect on the online quran classes for kids is tremendous.

  The E-aalim, the star online:

The E-aalim institute for online quran classes is not just an institute.It is an educational establishment. The effort of E-aalim is really great in the field of quran online classes for kids. In addition to employing al-Azhar graduate quran teachers, E-aalim renders a lot of useful services to boost online quran classes for kids.The E-aalim have their own version of the Holy Quran. It is the E-aalim Mushaf. The E-aalim Mushaf makes it easy for kids to learn the Holy Quran online.

the Teaching Staff in E-aalim:

Online quran classes for kids with E-aalim are a real fun. Online quran students deal with really experienced and highly qualified teachers. These teachers provide their online quran classes to junior students with the knowledge they need. Along with the Holy Quran, the E-aalim have their own books of Islamic studies serving their online quran classes for junior students. The E-aalim have their own Islamic etiquette series which helps bring up a moderate Muslim. This certainly helps build a healthy and balanced Muslim character.

  The Effort of E-aalim in the field:

Ambitious as they are, the E-aalim have issued a lot of series of books in the field of Islamic studies. The E-aalim also have their own series of Seerah books which trace the details of prophet Mohammad’s life story. This helps the junior Muslims know the character of prophet Mohammad. This enables the junior Muslims take prophet Mohammad as their role Model. Similarly, the E-aalim have issued their series of Ibadat books. Through this very useful series, a junior Muslim knows the details of the pillars of Islam.

This series also enables the junior Muslims to practice their faith in the proper and the right way. When a junior Muslim practices their faith regularly, they become really good grown up Muslims. So, E-aalim have their own detailed books on prayers. In addition, they have their own detailed books on Saum. Also, the E-aalim have their meticulous books on Hajj. This series and others constitute a comprehensive curriculum which helps bring up a healthy Muslim character.

   Online Quran Classes for Kids

1- What do Muslims always need everywhere?

Muslims need to learn the Holy Quran.

2- What is the greatest concern of Muslims in western countries?

Muslims worry about maintaining their Islamic culture in the west.

3- What are the contributions of E-aalim in the scope of online quran classes for kids?

The ambitious E-aalim have their own version of Mushaf, Islamic studies books and an experienced al-Azhar graduate staff of highly qualified teachers.

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