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 Point of Suspicion 19

  “ Men are at the care of women”, misunderstood:
we are going to talk about the point of suspicion concerning men’s care for women.
There is a sentence which is often repeated.
One of the men might say:” Men are preferable to women.
”  He might mean that men must play the boss over women;
and that men must control women.
He might also mean that men must humiliate and beat women.

What does the Arabic word “Qawwam” mean?https://eaalim.com/arabic-conversation

It is an adjective of exaggeration from the Arabic word:”Qama”,
which means ‘stood up’ . Also, it means to take care of something.
So, the same word means to bear the responsibility of something.
It doesn’t mean a jailor or an executioner. It gives the meaning of the service-render.
So if someone tells you this phrase, know very well that they use the “ Copy-Paste” technique.
We said before that the game they use is to come to you and say this phrase.
You should understand that they deviate words and sentences from their context to deform Islam. When you read the verse, complete it till you reach:” Because of their expenditure and of what Allah has favored some to others.” It means that men should care for women because of men’s  physical and financial  capability. In the most secularist societies

a man should protect and support a woman

I was in Sweden, maybe in Oslo university and raised this point of suspicion and said to the audience: Imagine a man and his wife in the bedroom, and they hear a strange noise outside.
So Someone must have broken into the house. This person will either rob the house or kill somebody. Can the husband say to his wife, for example:”Go see who it is?” All the audience burst into laughter.
I said to them:”Why are you laughing?” If the intruder is a criminal, won’t she struggle with him?
So in such societies, it is expected that man is to protect woman and spend money to support her.
So according to Islam, a man should protect and support a woman.

What about a working woman who earns money?

All her money belongs to her. Let her buy whatever she wants.
A man is required to provide the basic needs, such as food and clothes.
She can afford the luxuries she needs.

If a man can’t provide protection

 If a man can’t provide protection, for being physically incapable.
Who else in this case can face a burglar or a criminal who breaks into the house?
It is here the woman and wife who takes care of her husband.
So if he says for example:”It is hot, open the window.” It is her right to say “No.”
This is her duty to provide care and protection.
So it is a matter of decision taking and making.

If a wife is the person who works and affords things

If a wife is the person who works and affords things, while the husband is idle,
it is the woman who manages things.
The husband in this case can’t say to his wife for example:”Give me a hundred pounds as pocket money. It is up to her.
She can either give him or not. It is a conditioned case.
It is a burden not a privilege to be the person in charge of the house and family.

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