Ebadat prayar 1

Ebadat prayar 1



What is Book Number One?
It is an ebook, rather an e-pamphlet which is an introduction to the pillars if Islam. Book One is an introductory book of the series. It consists of fifty-two questions and answers, with inanimate cartoon pictures as illustrations. in the first eighteen questions and answers, the book introduces the five pillars of Islam. These will be the main subject matter of the series in the following successive numerous parts.
Having introduces the five pillars of Islam, the book swiftly moves on to start talking about prayer, the second pillar of Islam, from question
nineteen to question fifty-two, the book focuses on prayer rulings and details.
It is worthy mentioning that the illustrations contain some Arabic words and phrases to help the junior be familiar with the language of the Holy Quran. Hoping to be of some benefit and use, E-Aalim is happy to put this humble effort between the hands of its e-reader.
P. S: Book Two deals with:
“Prayer and its Significance in Islam.”

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