Ebadat prayar 2

Ebadat prayar 2



This book talks about prayer [salah] rite giving entire details about everything related to it , starting from its significance as part and parcel of the five pillars of Islam ,then moving to the conditions of the prayer [salah] and ending with all what make it valid and that make it invalid , this presentation shows the significant importance of the prayer for all Muslims making them on close connection with Almighty Allah who imposed it upon every Muslim woman and every Muslim man inorder to supplicate to their Lord and ask Him to forgive their sins that they committed and hoping to accept their good deeds and rewards them with a pardise its width the heavens and the earth in the Hereafter. Therefore Almighty Allah has highly commended those who keep on their prayers and perform it on time seeking Allah’s pleasure in this worldly life and the life to come ,so as Muslims we must always be quite keen to perform our prayer particularly the obligatory ones wherever we are wherever we go,taking into consideration the great recompense from Almighty Allah.

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