EBADAT Prayer 10

EBADAT Prayer 10



What is Book Number ten ?
Still discussing the topic of prayer in Islam, the E-Aalim Bool Series goes on to tackle of what should the prayer leader, Imam, do; and what the person following the Imam. the ma’moom do. Stressing the order of movement and the etiquette of prayer, the series outlines that the ma’moom should follow the Imam in every act of prayer. Also, the book gives useful tips on how the prayer can be valid. Also, it gives tips on how to avoid the invalidity of prayer. The questions and the answers in the book provide the reader with further sentences and phrases to be said in every single act of the prayer, the objective of which is that the Muslim performing the prayer is as close to the prophet’s practice as possible. Book number Ten is a useful guidebook for a Muslim to perform prayer in the best possible way. Hopefully the reader gets the benefit required to achieve prayer in the most convenient way.

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