EBADAT Prayer 12

EBADAT Prayer 12



What is book number twelve about?
The book discusses in detail the conditions and specification of the ritual water which is used in purification. It also deals with the issue of ablution, wudu’, and how a Muslim can get ready to perform prayers in the right way.
The book even discusses how a Muslim be pure in a comprehensive way, i.e soul, body and garment. This is all included in the book; a matter which increases the value of having and obtaining such a useful book.
Book number twelve is a valuable piece of information and knowledge which E-Aalim has been very keen on putting into the hands of their readers. This is to revise with them and teach the Muslim beginners how to perform ablution and the ritual purity in the right way. Doing so, E-Aalim hopes this book and even the whole series of IBADAT, is of good use to our dear readers.

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