EBADAT Prayer 13

EBADAT Prayer 13



What is book number thirteen about?
Elaborating in discussion, Book Thirteen goes on to discuss further etiquette of ablution. It renders the various ways and sayings a Muslim can perform the right ablution with. The book explains in detail the several ways ablution can be done in the right way, and the ways nearest to that was done by prophet Mohammad and his honorable companions.
Furthermore, Book Thirteen show the Muslim unique way of how to be pure, even in the absence of water, More marvelously still, Islam resorts to an element which can’t be absent. This element is everywhere, especially in the desert, namely dust or sand. The book teaches a Muslim how to use sand or dust to be pure and be ready for prayer. In addition, the book discusses how a Muslim can care for the external appearance to look well,
Book Number Thirteen gives a Muslim some useful tips concerning purity and ablution. It also teaches a Muslim how to care for their external appearance in a convenient way.

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