EBADAT Prayer 15

EBADAT Prayer 15


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What is book fifteen about?
Book Number fifteen is all about the remembrance of Allah. It is also about supplication, du’a. On many occasions, Allah orders, urges and recommends Muslims to call Him in whatever events they may encounter and experience every day. Book fourteen defines remembrance of Allah is the simplest way. It explains it very clearly. Likewise, Book Number fifteen defines du’a very clearly.
Having done so, Book Number Fifteen stresses the fact nandrolone phenylpropionate npp 5 that Allah is the Only One Who is Worthy of being called and supplicated to. Book Number Fifteen stresses that du’a is the daily link between a Muslim and Allah. Similarly, Book Number Fifteen teaches a Muslim certain du’as for certain occasions. This is to maximize the benefit a Muslim can get from the book.
Dua’a and supplication are a Muslim’s weapons facing their fate, so they are very important for a Muslim. Book Number Fifteen includes valuable tips for Muslims to benefit from. Here lies the significance of Book Number Fifteen for a Muslim to obtain to benefit from it in their religious, spiritual and daily life.

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